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Introduction: DIY Sea Shell Earrings

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I love making jewelries and accessories but I never wear or use them very often, especially earrings. But I love simple earrings, they look elegant... and... well, simple!

Anyways, this ible will show you how to make these cute and simple sea shell earrings in just 3 steps.

Check it out!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make these earrings you'll need:

  1. Sea shells- 2,
  2. Faux pearl beads- 2,
  3. Glue (white/ craft/ hot glue),
  4. Craft wire - 18 gauge,
  5. Jewelry pliers,
  6. Wooden board,
  7. Awl,
  8. Pencil or pen.

Step 2: Making the Hole

I used thin sea shells so I made holes in them quite easily.

Mark the spot for making a hole on the shell as I've done in the first picture.

Place the sea shell on a wooden board. Gently rotate the awl on the marked spot and apply pressure carefully. Once a small hole is made you can stop rotating the awl.

Now, turn the shell around. Use the awl carefully to enlarge the hole and give it a smooth round shape.

Similarly make hole on another sea shell, we'll need two of them since we're making earrings.

Step 3: Adding the Pearl

This is the easiest step.

I used faux pearl beads. Choose the pearl bead of your choice (white, off-white, cream color look great!).

Simply glue the pearl bead on the center of the shell as shown in the picture of this step.

Allow the glue to dry in case you're using white glue or craft glue.

Step 4: Completing the Earrings

You will need 2 jump rings and 2 earring hooks to complete the earrings. I made them from silver coated craft wire.

Attach the jump ring with the sea shell through the hole we've made before and also attach the hook through the jump ring.

Done! You can use different kinds of shells and pearl beads for more variation. Enjoy!

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    9 Discussions

    Very cute earrings, and so easy! One need not walk a beach to get shells, I find them in the craft section of a nearby Dollar Store. The nearest beach being almost 300 miles away!

    Pretty! So many small seashells I've seen on the beach already have a tiny hole drilled in them near the hinge, maybe by predators? Makes this even easier!

    Great idea. They are beautiful!! I love simple jewelry like this. Thanks.

    You described them exactly like I was going to. Simple yet elegant. Pretty!

    These are pretty cool and authentic, keep up the good work! :D

    Someone is spending quite some time over beach to collect those :). Super Cute :)

    Cool idea. These look great.

    You beat me to it! I have shells & stuff, I was waiting for someone to show how to make the tiny holes!