DIY Sewing Machine Table on a Budget for Weighted Blankets.




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I was told to go buy or make a weighted blanket, as I was told i got Autism!
The problem , i struggled with sewing the blanket together as it is a very heavy item to machine stitch and getting straight seams without tangling.

I looked online and it was well out of my price range in finding a sewing machine more suited for my needs.
So i built my own table around my own sewing machine, out of junk around the home.
The cost me was next to nothing in making it and works perfectly!

Whats needed.
Any piece of board will do. (I used a door off piece of flat-pack cabinet that was ready for the bin)
Any thing make the legs with rubber feet. ( i used some children construction toy to build my feet)
Any plastic covering will do. ( i cut out reusable shopping bag and some clear plastic for my covering)

Staple gun or even a office stapler would do for the covering
Jigsaw to cut out the shape of these sewing machine.
Drill for drilling holes.
Glue fill holes you made.

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Step 1: Measure, Outline and Cut the Board.

I placed my sewing machine on top of the board and draw a line around it. Gave me a shape to cut around where i want the machine positioned.
The shape of the hole is not always straight forward as the sewing machine feet where in the way of drawing the right cut out.
I did not have a Jigsaw to cut the shape out, but something worse, a reciprocating saw instead. It made no difference if the chip board was chipped on the edge as covering it with material to hide it any way.

Step 2: Feet and Extra Strength.

For my feet i used left over children's construction toy, which was handy it came with rubber car wheels for my feet.
I added two brackets laid across the board to stop it from bending.
Drilled holes from the other side, secured with bolts provided.
Could use wood blocks or even door stoppers; what ever works and gives the desired height of your table with the sewing machine.
Use Glue to fill up any holes the board came with.

Step 3: Shopping Bag Covering.

It was simple as cutting open a reusable shopping bag and using some clear protective plastic bag came with past package.
Wrap it around and staple it in position.

It took me 3 hours to make and cost virtually nothing to make.

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    Brilliant.... Bravo!!!!!


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    Super creative! Great job! Perfect idea! Love it!!


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    What a great idea for giving you more room to work with! Great job!

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    Thanks. I will be posting all my projects I have done soon.