DIY Sewing Project : How to Make an Easy Satin Ribbon Flower

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Hi friends! This time I bring for you a unique and innovative DIY Sewing Projectand it will teach you how to make an Easy Satin Ribbon Flowerthat you can use to make pretty Floral Tiara and Satin Ribbon Flower headbands. This easy craft idea works fantastically as a pretty hair accessory for girls! Paste it to a clip to make a Hair accessory for girls! You can also use this Satin Ribbon Flower for Applique on your little girl's dress and make your DIY Sewing Project a big success. Making this Satin Ribbon Flower is thebest idea for DIY Home Crafts Project.

Watch the step by step tutorial on how to make an Easy DIY Satin Ribbon Flower.

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Step 1: Grab You Craft Supplies!

The very basics in your Sewing box is all you need to make this DIY Satin Ribbon Flower.

Foam Sheet

Decorative Stone and pearls


Satin Ribbon 2.5 cm





Step 2: Let's Begin to Sew!

Fold a Satin Ribbon in two small triangles and overlap them to form one single triangle, consisting of 2 small folded ones inside.

Stitch the base of the triangle wherein the two corners meet, to seal and keep the shape of the petal intact.

Watch the easy step by step tutorial on how to make the satin ribbon flower petals.

Step 3: Continue Your Craft.

Keep folding the Satin ribbon in the same way and continue to stitch the base.

Arrange the petals in between to bring uniformity in the formation of the flower.

Step 4: Complete the Craft!

Add the Satin Ribbon Petals till you complete the flower.

Use a lighter to burn the last fold of ribbon to avoid the clutter of any strands from the ribbon.

Stitch a pearl in every petal, to give it a more decorative appeal.

Paste a Chunky Decorative Stone in the center and complete the Satin Ribbon Flower.

Step 5: Your Craft Is Ready!

There you have it people! your very pretty and beautiful Easy Satin Ribbon Flower is all set to beautify and bring a touch of nature to your DIY Sewing projects. Gift Wrapping Projectscan now be give a sophisticated touch with the the help of a pretty Satin Ribbon Flower. Give your little girl's dress a new touch with this easy Satin Ribbon Flower Idea. You can also make this easy Satin Ribbon Flower Idea for your kid's Needle Work School Project.

Watch the complete step by step tutorial on how to make the DIY Easy Satin Ribbon Flowerfor the next Sewing Project that you take up!

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