DIY Shabby Recycled Christmas Art

In this video tutorial I'm going to be showing you how to create Recycled Shabby Christmas art. I've used mostly leftover natural recycled resources, which make this project super inexpensive and environmentally friendly. I was even able to get my almost 3 year old involved in the creative process to create that perfect shabby look.

I hope you enjoy!

Materials needed

A large piece of scrap wood

10-12 pieces of scrap wood in a variety of sizes (xmas tree design)

8-10 trimmed branches (xmas tree star)

Thin wire

A round piece of wood cut into 5 small pieces.

A wood saw

Wood paint in three colours

Blackboard paint

White chalk

Paintbrush 3 painting sponges

Silver spray paint

Small pinecones

Battery powered xmas lights

Hot glue gun



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