How to Build a Shark Bite/Fish Bite Alarm

Introduction: How to Build a Shark Bite/Fish Bite Alarm

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This is a "DIY" build for "How to Make a Shark Bite/Fish Bite Alarm".

Allows you to hear and see if a fish is on, or taking out line. Use at night, on the beach, a pier, or pretty much anywhere you need to some assistance hearing or seeing a fish bite. Got the idea from photos, and on post I had seen where people were asking about them.

Total cost for this DIY was around $25.

So go check it out on YouTube and Instructables, and thanks for watching.

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Step 1: Components & Tools


1- Small personal body alarm (Academy)

1- PVC body 1/2" (Hardware Store)

2- PVC plugs 1/2" (Hardware Store)

1- Blinking LED module red or green (Radio Shack)

1- Toggle switch (Radio Shack)

1- Package of 1/4" quick disconnects

20" of Fishing line (#20-#65)

5-6" of Shrink wrap (or electric tape your choice)

18-26 AWG Gauge stranded copper wire (lengths are you choice)

1- Snap swivel (Academy)

1- Cloths pin or bag clip


Screwdrivers (both types or multi)

Drill and drill bits

Needle nose pliers


Wire cutters

Solder iron

Solder and flux

Knife or razor knife

Safety equipment

Step 2: Shark Bite/Fish Bite Alarm

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