DIY Shockmount for Zoom ECM-3 / ECM-6

Buy 2 pairs of gopro drone shockmounts. (around 2,80$ each)

Step 1: Disassemble Shock Mount Screws

Disassemble shock mount screws of shock mounts and zoom ecm-3 / ecm-6 cable mount.

Step 2: Prepare Screw Mount Sides of the Shockmounts

2 screw mounts should be prepared by grinding one of them.

Step 3: Create the Shockmount Case

Remount the by pushing them together.

Step 4: Place Mic Holder

Re place the ecm mic holder part and the camera/tripod mount.

Step 5: Done!

Best price performance zoom mic shock mount is made! Total cost 5,6 $! You can use it with xy6 ssh6 ms6 mics and ecm - 3 / ecm - 6 cable extention.



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