DIY Shoe Stand

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Making from Trash to treasure :-

It is a DIY shoe stand

Needed components:-

1) Waste oil cans 900ml = 6 nos

2) waste plastic plates (or) doors= (L x B) 400mm x 300mm

3) Bolts and Nuts (M6) = 10nos

Step 1: Drill the Cap and Board

You just take the all oil can caps and drill using M6 drill bit.

*) 4 oil can caps you should be drill

and bottom of the oil can, you have to drill same M6 holes

*) And, We have to drill in side of the oil can for 2 cans for Base of the stand.

Step 2: Drill the Plate

Please take the plastic plate and hold it in clamp .

>< Mark the center point of the 4 holes using above dimension.

>< Drill the Plastic plate using M6 drill bit

Step 3: Assemble It

You just simply assemble that oil cans and plates using M6 bolts and nuts like above picture.



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