DIY Shorts With Studs and Textiles




Introduction: DIY Shorts With Studs and Textiles

Hello and welcome to this tutorial!

Throughout this Instructable I will provide you with a set of instruction on how to create customized shorts. For this task there are no restrictions when it comes to the designs as you can decide yourself which type of jeans, fabric and studs you use as well as where you apply them. Therefore feel free to experiment with different materials and create a design that is individual and unique to you!


  • One pair of jeans of your choice
  • Fabric of your choice in the size that would cover the jeans
  • Studs (with prongs) of your choice
  • Ruler/Measuring Tape
  • Needle & Thread
  • A pair of Textile Scissors
  • A Pencil and Pen
  • Dryer/Washing Machine

TIP: In order to create the perfect shorts out of denim jeans, it is recommendable to choose a pair of pants that are looser in the thigh. Use pants that are affordable so in the case of messing up the DIY, not a lot of money would be wasted.

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Step 1: Choosing Your Jeans

Choose a pair of jeans that would be suitable for you to turn into cut-offs. These should fit well, at least in the areas, which will not be cut away and furthermore they should not have any damage that cannot be repaired or affect the visual appeal of the final shorts in any way.

Step 2: Finding the Perfect Length

There are different ways to find the perfect length for your shorts. One of these ways is to use a pair of shorts that you already own. If you have a pair that already is the perfect length, you can measure them against the jeans. If you do not, try on a pair of shorts you have and use measuring tape to measure your preferred length. It is best to make them longer than you think, just to be safe. Another option would be to put on the jeans and then mark your preferred length on the jeans.

Once you have found the perfect length for your shorts, you should then measure against the jeans in three places: the inner seem, the outer seem, and in the middle. Use these three spots to mark where you’ll cut the jeans on both legs and connect the marks.

Step 3: Hem the Length

Follow the marks you created with the scissors. The line should not be straight across the leg, but rather at an angle: longer on the inner seem and shorter towards the outer seem. It is the best to try them on after this you have cut them in order to make sure they are the length you want. If this is not the case you can mark them again and trim them again.

Step 4: Optional - Toss the Shorts in the Dryer to Get a Frayed Look

Step 5: Cut the Fabric

Place the fabric that you want to use on the jeans and the place you would want the fabric to be sown on. Then use a pencil and trace the shape on top of the fabric using light strokes, so no marks will maintain on the jeans.

  • Cut around these lines in order to make sure not too much fabric is cut off - Lay the fabric on the jeans to see if it fits the place it should be sown onto
  • If the fabric still has excess textiles, cut these off to ensure the optimal size of the fabric

Step 6: Add the Fabric Overlay

Take the previously cut out piece of fabric and place it on the part of the shorts where it should be sowed on. Then thread the yarn through the whole in the needle and cut off a long enough piece to sow the fabric onto the jeans. Pierce the needle with the thread through the jeans and the wrong side of the fabric and then close to where you pierced it initially, push the needle back through to the wrong side, pulling the entire length of thread until you are stopped by the knot. Repeat this until you have sown the fabric onto the shorts. When you have finished this makes sure to loop the thread on the inside to secure the thread and the fabric on the shorts.

  • Add a knot at the end of the thread before you actually start sowing, so the thread is secured and not slip through the fabric
  • You must start on the wrong side of the fabric and inside of the jeans so that this knot doesn't end up on the right side, therefore the visible part of the fabric --> If the not slips through, you should make the knot bigger

Step 7: Add the Studs Onto the Pocket

Place the studs on the pockets beside ich other in whatever formation you want them to be situated. Then push the prongs through the pocket, so they will come out on the inside of the jeans. Now strongly fold over the prongs in order to make sure the studs are tightly fixed onto the jeans.

  • Make sure the prongs are straight before you push them into the jeans to make sure their full length is pushed in

Step 8: Completed Shorts

After you have completed all of these steps, you will have the finished product of customized shorts after your own design, which are now ready to wear!

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