DIY Shotgun Microphone (with Wind Shield & In-built Shock Mount)




Introduction: DIY Shotgun Microphone (with Wind Shield & In-built Shock Mount)

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A while ago I made my own shotgun microphone for my camcorder. It's pretty cheap to build at £12, and sounds great because it's got its own wind cover and in-built shock mount! It's very directional too! I've had several requests about how I built it, so I made this detailed overview video so people will be able to build their own.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Nice vid but that's not a full shotgun microphone as it is missing its tube.

    Basically by adding the 6" Tube of say PVC with even slits cut on each side glue the microphone in one end then putting your fur over then you will have a shotgun microphone as this will baffle sound from the sides so you get a true directional microphone.

    but good work on what you done so far, and I like the fact that you made your microphone powered as many people do not think of that.

    PS Aluminium works best and make sure you file the inside and outside to get rid of any burs and sharp edges as that will change the sound.

    I hope you try this as you will be shocked at the performance gain you would get from just 6" of pipe.