DIY Shotgun Shell Holder



Today i am going to teach you how to make a side saddle style shotgun shell holder. This design can hold up to 6shells. However changes/modifications can easily be made to suit your specific needs. I take no credit for This as if is not my original idea. All credit goes a gentleman on youtube. (Sorry i forgot his name). Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

The materials that you are going to need: -1drill or drill press w/various sized drillbits -roughly 2 feet of 3/4in schedule 40 pvc pipe. -some sort of saw/cutting device. (I used a handsaw) -sandpaper or a file -hot glue gun -something to act as a backstop for the shell holders to attach too. You could use plastic, light metal, a cutting board. anything hard flat really. (I used a piece of 1/8th in thick lexan plexiglass) -a shotgun shell - 6 (or more) small screws. - an oven w/ oven safe plate, like a cookie tray. -safety glasses -time and patience. -velcro - paint (Optional)

Step 2: Can We Build It? Yes We Can!

To start off, you are going to want to measure your shells, and subtract about a quarter inch from that number. This is going to be the length of the shell holders. For example, my shotgun shells are 2 3/4 inchs tall, so i subtract a quarter inch, and am left with 2 1/2inchs. Now mark 6segments of your 3/4inch pvc pipe. Now cut the pipe segments out.

Step 3: More Cutting

Now that you have the segments cut out, (There should be 6) we can start cutting the "channels" in the piece of pipe. This is really up too you on how big or a gap you want the notches to be. I went with about a 1/4th of an inch. Use your hacksaw to cut one line down the pipe sidewall, then cut your next line. The scrap piece of pipe should fall out.

Step 4: Forming

Pre-heat your oven to 210 degrees F. -once the oven is at 210, start by placing 1 or the pvc segments (that you just cut) on a cookie pan. -bake the segments 1 by 1 in the oven for about 2min each. This gets the plastic soft enough to mold around the shells, but not too hot that you cant touch it. -use gloves or an oven mitt to tightly wrap the plastic around the shell, and apply lots of pressure.

Step 5: Forming Cont.

Mark what side the bottom of the shell is, so you know for when you put them on the back stop. I just marked them with a purple line

Step 6: Backstop

Cut out a rectangular piece of your backstop(mine is lexan plexiglass) -my dimensions are: 7in long by 2 1/2in wide Cut to however you see fit.

Step 7: Glueing

Glue each of the pvc segments to the backstop. -Put the sides with your marking all in the same direction.

Step 8: Screwing ;D

Now, take a verryyyy small drillbit, at least smaller than the threads of your screws. Drill "pilot" holes in the middle of the pvc pieces. -next, take a drill bit that is exactly the same size as your screw heads, and counter-sink the holes you just drilled. This means, you are drilling a secondary hole over top of your pilot hole, about halfway through the pvc. It should be deep enough to fit the head of the screw flush, but not go all the way through. -next, screw in your screws.... -finally, cut off the extra bits of screw that stick out the back of the piece.

Step 9: Velcro

Now take your velcro, and put it on the back of the shell holder (try covering up the chopped screws), and on your gun.

Step 10: Your Done!

You can opt. to paint it if you so choose. I painted mine blue. Because why not?! Haha Hope this helps! And have a dope ass day!



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