DIY Silk-Screen Printing Screen ~ Upcycling / Recycling / Re-purposing ~



Introduction: DIY Silk-Screen Printing Screen ~ Upcycling / Recycling / Re-purposing ~

When I completed my Textile degree where I specialized in screen printing, I found myself, well... Equipmentless!
So I have been devising ideas to create my own equipment from things I have already, to keep costs to a minimum!

This silk-screen was so easy to make, I did it at home and you only need 5 things! Oh and an adult if you are a younger person!
- Screen Mesh
- Unwanted Canvas Frame
- Scissors
- Staple Gun
- Screwdriver (To get under staples and wiggle them out)

1. What I did was simply remove the canvas from the wooden frame and carefully remove the existing staples with the screwdriver.
2. Then you cut the mesh to the size required (I cut it an extra inch or so too wide to allow for stapling/stretching) and staple on one edge. You can then stretch the mesh and staple it down around the other sides.

I found it useful to push the opposite end of the screen against a wall while stretching / stapling just to make sure you stretch it tight!


Make sure that the mesh is stretched as tight and as evenly as humanly possible and you have yourself a screen!
Simply trim off the excess mesh and your ready to go!

Another thing you could use for this is old photo frames, we've all got some of these lurking somewhere!

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