DIY Simple DC Motor


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Step 1: Materials You Need


1. Scissors

2. 20 A WG Copper wire

3. Paper clips

4.Something round

5. Tape

6. Power full magnet

7. A battery of some sort

8. Thumb tacks (optional if you don't have tape)

9. Wire that connects the battery to the paper clips

Step 2: Step:1

Grab you wire make sure to have some over hang at the beginning, and the round object and start twisting the copper wire around it 15 times and make sure it is not lose, then wrap the both sides 3 times then grab you scissors and cut the end off.

Step 3: Step:2

Start taking the coating off of the copper wire sometimes it doesn't look like it has a coating but it does. Bend the paper clip so it makes a hook tape it or put the thumb tacks their so it doesn't move, then put the magnet in the middle of the paper clips and put the copper wire in it, then you add the battery one wire goes on one paper clip and the other wire goes on the other one the give the copper wire a good push and it will start spinning.

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    1 year ago

    That's a great looking motor!