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Introduction: DIY Simple Earrings With Low Power Laser Engraver

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So as every year, Christmas is coming and the closer it gets, more and more people remember that Christmas shopping that they have done, was last year, and they need to get new gifts. Darn it, right? :D

As most people i usually leave gift shopping as the last minute thing, which makes me frustrated, to be rubbing shoulders in stores which at that point are overcrowded by people which are in the same predicament as i am. Prices are rising, and you are willing to pay much more money just to be done with it....

Well not this year huge supermarkets and overpriced boutique stores, not this year. This year i started early. And what can be more cool than a unique set of earrings for your special loved ones?

So if you have laser engraver and are willing to spend like 3 bucks in the craft store, you are going be set to make pair of them in under 10 minutes :)

Step 1: Materials & Tools

So this is one of more simplistic instructables there could be.

All you need to have is:

Engraver (can use any low or high power engraver, i got mine here :

Wood (or any other material that you see fit for the earrings)

Eye screw (most likely two of them, but depending on what you want quantity can vary)

Earring hook(s)

Mini drill (optional, but proffered)


Computer (i will assume as long you are reading this, you will have acces to a computer to control the engraver)

Step 2: Before Engraving

Before you can engrave anything, you need to choose your design.

Depending on what material you chose and shape it will give you guide lines what kind of design could be executed.

In my case, i have 15mm wood circle. I chosen floral design. Which for the size of engraving i was not too sure if its going to work. But sometimes you have to risk it :)

So in Photoshop i created new file, with dimensions of 512x512 (resolution of my engraver) and DPI 350.

With those settings it is going to be making the actual size image that its going to be produced by the engraver.

Set my guidlines to 15X15mm (size of my engraving surface. And pasted my design, rescaled it to fit :) Saved it and i was ready to engrave

Step 3: Engrave It

You might think that this is as simple as placing the material on the bed of engraver and pressing start (which is somewhat true :)) But first you need to find the center of your circle. Which is relatively simple task, but if you are making sever pairs of earrings you need to speed up the process. Cut out the shape you want from paper, mark the center on it, and poke a hole. Now you can find centers easy as placing template on your material and just putting a dot with a pencil :)

Now you can place your material in the engraver. The only thing is that, rubber bands which usually supports the item are not going to work, since they would cover place where it should be engraving. Simple solution i found was tu put painters tape upside down, it is sticky enough to hold the circle in place, but not too strong to give me problems :)

I chosen 21 ms burning time, since wood engraves very easy. press start and wait.

Step 4: Finishing Off

So this where having more tools is better :) since i broke my last small drill, i was in the pickle. Due to the small thickness of the wood circle it was a possibility to crack it, by just screwing it in place. But wood i chosen is very soft. So i was confident enough to screw the eye screw in place just by hand. :) Open up loop in the eye hook and connect those two together :) And you are done. In under 10 minutes you can have unique set of earrings just like that :)

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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Good instructable and useful DIY.

    But what is the name of the software you use for the laser?

    Because i have the 300 mw-version and i don´t have the option "To center" or "Preview bounding box"


    Reply 3 years ago

    Hi, thanks.

    I am using the DBeam software for Mac OS, this is not official software, but as i remember for the windows app, those functions are also available, only labeled carving preview and to middle of image i guess. Although windows software was nor functioning properly for me so i sticked to using engraver only on mac with unofficial software.