DIY Simple Fall Pallet Leaves

Introduction: DIY Simple Fall Pallet Leaves

About: Hi my name is David, I like to make things out of Wood, also like to take things apart and fixed them.

I loved this time of the year, when the tree leaves turn into these beautiful colors. I wanted to make something to reflect this time. This is what I came up with, using old pallet wood, glued up as panels, a leaf template and some spray paint.

This is a real simple project, search in google images for outlines of leaves. Pick the style of leaf that you want to create and print. Use spray adhesive to attach to a board for a template, you could use some cardboard, if you don't have anything else. Then trace the outline and cutout. Lightly sand the edges and paint the colors of your choice. Then hang up and enjoy,

Always use pallets that have HT stamped on them, these are Heat treated, no chemicals.

Also remember when using power tools, always use proper Safety equipment, like Safety glasses and hearing protection.

If you would rather see the video click here

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Step 1: What You Will Need

Jigsaw or Scrollsaw

Drill or Screwdriver

Printer and paper

Spray adhesive

hardboard or cardboard for template

marker or pencil

Spray paint ( I used Maroon, Lime Green and Orange)

Hanger hardware and screws

A few glued up pallet boards


Step 2: Making Template

I first done a Google search for leaves outline, download some images. Imported them into Inkscape, traced the image and printed out a couple different sizes.

Attached them with some Spray adhesive onto a piece of hardboard ( you could use cardboard)

Step 3: Cutting Out Template

I use my Scrollsaw to cut my template out, you could use a Jigsaw instead.

Step 4: Glue Up Some Pallet Boards

Then I glued up some old pallet boards, traced my template out onto them.

Step 5: Sawing

Then I sawed the leaf patterns out, using my Jigsaw and Scrollsaw.

Step 6: Sand

I then sanded the edges, just enough to clean up the saw marks.

Note these doesn't have to be perfect, remember we are trying to make Fall leaves

Step 7: Paint

Now is the time to paint, I used some spray paint that I had on hand. I used some Maroon, Lime Green and Orange.

Note I didn't spray a heavy coat, I wanted to try and make them look Fall leaves,

Step 8: Attached Hardware

I bought some small triangle hangers, used some 3/8" long screws.

Step 9: Enjoy

Now is the time to enjoy your Fall leaves, I hung them up like they are falling. These could be used outside or inside.

Remember that these are out of pallet wood, and they are simple to make. Thanks for checking out my Intructable.

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