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Hi Everybody,

I Recently made a glass tank but the problem is that i don't want to spend too much money on those commercial aquarium filters .

So, I made my own PVC Pipe Sponge Filter!

With a Cost of Only Rs.60 = 1$

For only 1$ , I Had an Handy + A Little Big Aquarium Filter which saved my money.

And best of all PVC is Non-Toxic to Fish. Vote this Instructable for PVC Contest ^

* I Would not Recommend This for Fishes Like Discus , Oscar, Jewel , and Cichlid or any other fish which require Big Filtration Systems.*

* These are used as a replacement by many hobbyists to protect fish *fry* from getting sucked into those high power filters*

So Friends , Let me show you how i made it.

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Step 1: Explanation

So First of all,let me Explain what a Sponge Filter is and what are it's Benefits:

Sponge Filter is a biological filter which needs an Air Pump to suck water from bottom of the filter and then passing the water through the sponge and exit through top. By this Simple Process Good Bacteria Grow in the Sponge and Helps to Convert the Fish Waste which passes through the sponge. We can simply say that we are making a Restaurant for Bacteria to EAT and EAT.. LOL

Sponge Filter Also Helps to Catch the Debris and clean the water in Aquarium.

*Do Not Use this Filter if your Tank has ICK Disease*

Because ICK Parasite Gets a Place to Live in the Sponge in this Filter and then it would take many days to treat this disease.(If you have fish in that )

Step 2: Gather All the Things

Here's the list of Things we Need:

1) PVC Pipe (3cm Dia.)( Length should be 1 inch shorter than your water level )

2) PVC End Caps ( Not Rubber Ones)

3) Multi-Purpose Sponge

4) Hot Glue

5) Air Tube to Air tube Attachment.

6) Aquarium Air Pump

7) Drill

Step 3: Make Some Cuts & Holes

So First we would need to make some deep cuts and holes to PVC Pipe so that water could come in and Go Out from all Sides

I Used my Diamond Cutting Attachment to make some deep Cuts.

If you donot have this attachment then try to drill bigger holes .

Step 4: Insert Sponge

I Used a Multi Purpose Plastic Sponge from bottom.

*I Recommend Plastic Sponge Only! Because Other Sponge have minute Fibers which could float in Aquarium.*

Step 5: Drill a Hole at End Cap

Now Drill 1 Hole at 1 End Cap

a 5mm hole would be good to fit the Air Tube Attachment.

Step 6: Put Air Tube Attachment

Now pass that Airtube attachment half in and pour hot glue inside the end cap.

Make sure Attachment's Nozzel is not blocked by hot glue.

Step 7: Put an Air Tube Till Bottom

So We have to Create pressure in bottom so we would add an airtube till bottom.

Step 8: Fit the End Caps in Pipe

Now Close the Pipe with end caps.

if you feel that end caps are not tight. then you might try fixing it with hot glue.

Step 9: Supply Air.

Now Supply Air At Nozzle wit Air Pump and Your Filter Starts Working!


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    4 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea and nice instructable, but to be honest, I´m afraid this design is missing the most important part, a tube in which water and air bubbles can rise together from bottom to water surface to create a flow or suction.

    When the air enters at the top and not at the bottom, it just bubbles out at the openings in the top, there is no "reason" (aka negative pressure / suction) for the water to enter the bottom of the pipe, go through the sponge and flow out at the top.

    1 reply
    Ayush Sharmaconfu

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, Upon rechecking my instructable i forgot to add my 1 step which was a Airtube to attach inside which will go to the bottom and make bubbles ... I will add that step tomorrow with Pictures.
    I hope this makes sense :p


    4 years ago on Introduction

    That is cool, but I do not understand how it pumps water through the filter media. It seems like it just creates a positive air pressure in the top of the tube that displaces water until the air starts to exhaust through the vent slots.

    1 reply

    Hi, Upon rechecking my instructable i forgot to add my 1 step which was a Airtube to attach inside which will go to the bottom and make bubbles ... I will add that step tomorrow with Pictures.
    I hope this makes sense :p