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Quilling is so popular these days, from accessories to home decor... you can make anything with the quilling technique.

If you're new in quilling and not sure how to start this project can be start, it's really easy and includes only 2 shapes. Follow the instructions and find out how it's made!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this paper quilled pendant you'll need:

  1. Quilling papers
  2. Glue
  3. Quilling tools (optional, I didn't use any!)
  4. Jump ring

Step 2: The Basic Shapes

Select 2 colors for the pendant, I used black and red.

Teardrop: First of all, use red quilling strips to make 6 teardrop patterns,

Double Spiral: Prepare 2.5 -3 inches long black quilling strips. Fold the black strip into half and then unfold again, this was to mark the half of the strip. Coil the black strip from any one side and stop quilling when you reach the half fold. Similarly quill the other side of the black strip. Make 6 of these.

Step 3: Joining Teardrop and Double Spiral

Now we're going to join the teardrop and double spiral patterns.

Take a teardrop and a double spiral pattern. Apply glue on the straight parts of the teardrop pattern. Unfold the coils of the double spiral slightly and place the teardrop pattern's pointy edge right on the half fold of the double spiral. Wrap the teardrop pattern with the coiled black strip as shown in the picture of this step. Allow the glue to dry.

Similarly join the rest of them.

Step 4: Creating the Flower Pattern

Take the 6 patterns that we made in the previous step.

Glue these patterns together on the sides. Glue all 6 pieces to form a round pattern.

Now make make 12 black teardrop patterns.

Glue 6 of them between the previous patterns, in the gap.

Now glue the rest 6 teardrop patterns around the first round pattern with their pointy side facing out.

Allow the glue to dry.

Step 5: Completing the Pendant

Attach a small bead on the center of the quilled flower.

Attach a jump ring to complete the pendant.

Wear it with a black string or seed beaded necklace.


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    paul the maker

    2 years ago

    its the first time i have ever seen Quilling but i think it looks amazing i must try it for a present for my nanny

    2 replies

    2 years ago

    cool! how long were the quilling papers you used?


    2 years ago

    Great! I develop interest in quilling by seeing your i'ble..

    1 reply