DIY Quilling - Flower - Quilling for Beginners




Introduction: DIY Quilling - Flower - Quilling for Beginners

About: My name is Giulia Talmacel, I was born on the 6th of January 1995.I am from Romania but currently living in UK with my husband Emanuel. I like to play with paper and do beautiful things from it. I also like...

DIY Simple Quilling Flower - Quilling for beginners - Beautiful Quilling Flower

Materiale: 12 fasii de quilling(doua culori) - ac quilling - sablon cercuri - foarfeca - aracet

Materials: 12 quilling stripes(two colours) - quilling tool - quilling board - scissors - glue

Quilling is an old art, with its roots planted sometime in the XVII-th century, and it involves rolling strips of paper to form various shapes. Nowadays, it's still in demand, and it's sought after as a way to relax and let go of one's stress. The basic materials used are paper of various thicknesses, glue, and a special instrument that is used to roll paper strips.

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    Scusa, la pagina Facebook non si apre e vorrei capire come fai questi fiori! Mi puoi mandare un tutorial? Grazie ciao