DIY Simplest Automatic Pet Feeder With Arduino




Hello pet lovers! Deep inside all of us want to have a cute little puppy or a kitten or probably even a family of fish at our home. But due to our busy lives, we often doubt ourselves,'will I be able to take care of my pet ?' The primary responsibility towards the pets is to feed them at the right time with the proper amount of food.

I am going to share the simplest way to feed your pet correctly with the minimum efforts from our side. This is probably the simplest yet most efficient and cost effective Pet Feeding Machine.


1. Arduino UNO

2. Micro Servo Motor

3. Jumper wires (M to M)

Step 1: Building a Circuit...

The servo motor that we're using acts as a lid to the food container. Arduino is a well known and probably the most popular microcontroller which is the brain of this machine. The servo motor will rotate at a certain angle thereby opening and closing the lid. In short, we want a connection between servo motor and arduino. The same has been shown in the diagram.

Simply connect the pins of servo motor to the arduino as shown in diagram.

Step 2: Programming the Arduino

The program for this machine is one of the simplest programs that you've ever come across. To program it according to your needs, you must understand the following statements.

Let's say you want to feed your cat thrice a day, each time with let's say a 50 grams probably. So the lid of food container should be open for a minute (considering usual dry cat food to be dispensed 50 grams). During this minute, the food will keep falling into your cat's bowl and the lid will close once the food in bowl reaches 50 gm.This process needs to be repeated.

Now, let's assume that your cat eats at 7 AM, 2 PM and 9 PM. i.e. After every 7 hours during the day and after 10 hours of night.

The file contains program to feed your pet with 50 gm of standard pet food at 7 AM, 2 PM and 9 PM.

Step 3: Design of the Feeder

Everybody has a lot of creative ideas to design the outer body of pet feeder. Well, I go with the simplest one for the time constrains. You may refer to the simple in-a-cube 3D design (The sky blue part indicates servo motor) or even the rough and tough design like this video.

Now, it's your turn.Develop a whole new design (take into consideration the working though) and post it here!!

All the suggestions, doubts and designs are welcome :)

Thank you !



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    R2611Penolopy Bulnick

    Reply 8 days ago

    Glad you liked it ! Here's the finished feeder. This one is made in Tin workshop because it's a lot cheaper than the 3D printing. The slope has been made to keep my cat away from the food container.