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Introduction: DIY Slingshot for Hunting Small Game !!!

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A few days ago, remanences from a typhoon struck where I live, leaving 45,000 people without power for a few days. During this time, before my power went out I was shocked to find that I was not a finalist of the Solar 2016 contest on Instructables. So when the power went off, with nothing else to do I started to wonder how I could turn two bad situations around. I decided to create a project that I could enter into the "living off the land contest" and the "Survival ready contest" on Instructables. This project gave me something to do to pass the time and reminded me that back in the old days, man had no power and survived by living off of the land. If you enjoy please vote for me in the contests.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

. "Y" shaped stick for the slingshot (I used pine wood)
. Slingshot band (Standard pull)
. 550 paracord (Your choice of colour)

(Staining optional):
. Pre-stain wood conditioner: Minwax
. Polycrylic protective finish: Minwax
. Wood stain: Miwax (English oak)

. Multitool
. Knife
. Lighter or matches
. Sandpaper (40 grit, 100 grit, 240 grit and 300 finishing grit)
. Hairdryer
. Tape measure
. Black marker
. Paint brush (For the wood stain)

Step 2: Finding a Branch

Start by finding a tree branch that contains a basic "Y" shape, with a thickness of roughly about 1.5 inch through out the entire "Y". I found the perfect shaped "Y" from a fallen pine branch. The "Y" piece will be our slingshot, with there being the handle of the slingshot and with notches in the forked ends will hold the slingshot band.

Step 3: Cutting Out the Shape

After locating your "Y" shaped handle, use a multitool saw to cut it from the connected branches and twigs. Using a ruler mark about 5 inches on each forked side and about 7 inches for "Y" handle, before cutting. Also cut off any leaves or smaller twigs that are connected to it.

Step 4: Drying It Out

If your wood is damp use a hairdryer to remove moisture and let it sit over night as well. Do this before removing any bark.

Step 5: Bark & Knot Removal

Once the "Y" piece is dry, using a knife, remove all of the bark down until the grains of wood are reached. Cut out any knots in the wood that interfere with holding the "Y" or stand out.

Step 6: Cutting It Down to Size

Your current "Y" shaped slingshot should have forked ends of about 5 inches and a handle of 7 inches. Using a tape measure and a marker, trace where the cuts will be. Mark the forked ends at 3.5 inches and the handle at 6 inches, then cut the line you have marked.

Step 7: Sanding the Slingshot

Sand to remove any bark left until you see the grains of the wood. Use a knife if there is still a bit of bark left on it. I found that using 40 grit sandpaper works very efficient on removing any excess bark, after that I would using 100 grit for clean up.

Step 8: Slingshot Notches

Mark two notches on the forked ends before vertically cutting them down about 3/4 inches. I used a saw for cutting the notches.

Step 9: Wood Stain (Optional)

Staining the slingshot:
. Wear a respirator, eye protection, gloves and work in a well ventilated area.
. Read the instructions on your stain products before starting, all stains can contain lead, which can be toxic if inhaled or ingested.
. Use 240 grit and 300 grit for finish and in between coats
. Use a wood stain paint brush
. Use a hairdryer to dry coats quicker, have on full blast and let it dry the stain for about 15-20 minutes

Pre stain:
. Using a wood stain brush, wet the "Y" slingshot with a pre-stain
. Two coats
. Sand between coats
Wood stain:
. Use a brush and add a wood stain to the slingshot "Y"
. Add two coats and cover entire wood surface
. Sand in between coats
Finishing stain:
. Add two coats
. Sand to finish

Step 10: Adding the Paracord Grip

Once the slingshot "Y" has dried from the stain or is ready, take some paracord and wrap it around the handle about 1 inch a way from the bottom, until it reaches the top. Use a lighter to burn the ends, once they are place under a strand.

Step 11: Adding the Sling Band

Take the slingshot bands and tie the ends, making sure they are equal lengths. Cut the ends of the knots off with scissors. Read the slingshot band for placement of the slingshot "Y" notches. Add the band to the notches.

Step 12: Aim and Fire!!!

Now you can shoot and hunt for small game in the great outdoors, while having some fun.
Ammo: Rocks, metal balls or marbles can be used as ammo.

I'm not responsible for any harm to others, self or private property. This slingshot should only be used for hunting, target practice or for shooting "Zombies"

Thank you reading my Instructable on how to make a "DIY Hunting Slingshot", please favorite and vote for me in the contests I have entered it would make my day and help me a lot :) Happy hunting.



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    13 Discussions

    I've always wanted a slingshot since i was at least 4 and now that I can make one my mom won't bye the matierials

    1 reply

    Me too, I've tried multiple times to make the perfect slingshot throughout my childhood and have finally succeeded. Amazon and most other stores will have most of these material which can be shipped to your house,but if you need to improvise I have come up with some possible improvised materials.

    . Slingshot bands (Bungee cord or thick elastic might work)

    . Paracord (Rope, string, yarn) It's also optional, but makes for a great grip

    . The "Y" shaped most likely stick can be found in a forest or even as part of a branch, but if you had to, you could use some woodworking machines to create it with some wood.

    Also don't ever shoot it at anyone or at private property, I'm not responsible for your actions. This is just for hunting or shooting fun.

    where can i find the slingshot bands and other matierals at

    1 reply


    . 100 ft of 550 paracord: $15 (

    . Trumark slingshot band: $5 (

    . Y shaped stick: Free! (Found it from a fallen branch in my backyard)

    . Minwax wood stain products: (Pre-stain conditioner, Polycrylic protective finish and wood stain) Total: $60 (Home depot)

    . Sandpaper: $25 (Home depot)

    . Wood stain brushes: $20 (Home depot)

    I only had to buy the slingshot bands and the paracord. The "Y" shaped stick I found. The wood stain products and brushes I already had, I also stated in my tutorial that it was an optional step. I also had some sandpaper laying around, but I can be bought from Home Depot.

    i found mine from a branch that had fallen, look for one that is a branch on a tree.

    Ok i'll try to look. Does it have to be thick or can it be thin?

    You want the whole "Y" piece to have an even thinkness of about 1-1.5 inches. Also remember that you will be removing the bark and sanding it as well so it's better to have more thickness than less. If it's super thin it won't be able to hold up against the strength of the slingshot bands and the "Y" fork ends will break possibly.

    I found one that was good but but forgot to get out of the dogs' cage.


    1 year ago

    This brings up memories when I was growing up in rural country where the nearest store was several miles away and we had to do with what we had on hand. We made sling shots like yours but we had to use what was available. We used strips from old inner tubes for the bands (Tubeless tires weren't around much then) and shoe leather for the pocket. We never bothered with the finish but the sling shot worked just as well. It's nice to see the modern version of what we did as children. Thanks for the memories.

    1 reply

    No problem glad to see you enjoyed.