DIY Small Pond Filer




This Instructable details how to make a super cheap reusable pond filter. I built one to clean up excess algae and dirt floating around in my pond that the aerators stir up.

The pond filter is approximately $10 to $40 to make (depending on what glues / parts you already have, I already had a pump and glue so it was about $15 all up for me) and will last quite some time.

Step 1: Step 1: Parts List

Below is the parts list:


2 x 90mm PVC Push on end caps - $2.64 (link)

1 x 1m 90mm PVC Pipe - $6.24 (link)

1 x 90mm PVC Tee Inspection Hole, threaded top - $2.20 (link)

1 x 90mm PVC threaded cap - $2.12 (link)

1 x 10 pack of domestic wipes - $2.60 (link)

1 x Araldite - $4.00 (link)

1 x PVC Cement / Glue - $3.90 (link)


1 x Solar Powered Pump Kit - $13.39 (link)

Total Cost: Approximately $37.09

Step 2: Step 2: Building

Step 1:

Cut two 1inch lengths of 90mm pipe

Step 2:

Glue both 1inch lengths to the end caps

Step 3:

Drill 5mm holes into both end caps

Step 4:

Drill hole into Tee section to fit 12V pump electrical cable and outlet nozzle

Step 5:

Glue pump, electrical cable and outlet nozzle into place with Araldite

Step 6:

Wait for glue to dry

Step 7:

Get one wipe and cut in half

Step 8:

Put wipe into tee section and jam into place with end cap

Step 9:

Wait 48 hours before using so that glue is dry

Step 3: Step 3: Using Filter

  • Make sure the filter is full of water before turning on the pump!
  • When the filters get clogged you can wash the wipes in clean water and reuse them quite a number of times or you can throw them away and use more
  • When removing the filter from the pond, turn it upside down and unscrew the cap. This will make sure the sludge in the pump doesn't backwash into the pond again.
  • I used a 3W pump I bought from bunnings but you could use a higher powered pump for better filtering



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