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Introduction: DIY Smart Colorful Light

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Like what we heard in the song The Color of The Night, we always indulged in the psychedelic lights at night. The colorful lights tell sadness or happiness. I like the color of lights but I hate the uncomfortable manually switch of them. Fortunately, I have DIY a smart colorful light which satisfied my requirements of switch, color and even feelings.

Hardware in need:

RGB LED Light×12

NPN Triode×1

FireBeetle Board-ESP32×1

FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board×1

Rotary Encoder EC11J×1


Caution: You can go to DFRobot official web to buy electronic components.

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Step 1: Hardware Connection

Schematic and drawing, shown as below.

Firstly, connecting D2, D3, D4 to D2, D3, D4 of the FireBeetle Board-ESP32 respectively and drive with high-level. And connecting Vcc to Vcc of the FireBeetle Board-ESP32 too. Then, there are A and B in the Rotary Encoder EC11J, A should be connected to D7, B to D6 and the bottom should be connected to D5. Finally, connecting BME280 to I2C of FireBeetle Board-ESP32.

Step 2: Connecting and Fixing RGB Lights With Dupond, Shown As Below

Step 3: Connecting Output Line to FireBeetle Board-ESP32

Connecting output line to FireBeetle Board-ESP32, Rotary Encoder EC11J and FireBeetle Covers-Proto Board according to the schematic and drawing, shown as below.

Remember to fix the connected electronic circuit with hot-melt glue

Step 4: Crust Assembly

The curst printed by a 3D printer, you can click here to download the source document.

Then you should click here to download the program to the FireBeetle Board-ESP32.

I chose Blynk for the mobile client.

Temperature: V3

Humidity: V4

Pressure: V5

Red Light: V0

Green Light: V1

Blue Light: V2

Switch Bottom: V6

Finally, well done!

P.s: I love the design of the interface, cool!

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