DIY Smart Robot Tracking Car Kits Tracking Car Photosensitive




Introduction: DIY Smart Robot Tracking Car Kits Tracking Car Photosensitive

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LM393 chip compare the two photoresistor, when there is one side photoresistor LED on WHITE the side of the motor will stopped immediately, the other side of the motor spin up, so that the trolley correction direction, back to the right direction , the entire process is a closed-loop control, thus rapid and sensitive control.

how to use?
check resistance use multi meter, put the right position on the pcb board and weld. adjust the infrared receiving tube make it tracking the black line.

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Step 1: See Detail

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Recognize Electronic Components for the PCB Board

you can use multimeter find the right components on the pcb board

Step 4: Welding Electronic Components

Step 5: Video Show

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Step 6: Video Install Guide

watch on youtube

Step 7: Buy From SINONING

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