DIY Smart TV Monitor Stand

Introduction: DIY Smart TV Monitor Stand

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I bought a Vizio D24F 24" Smart TV and I was not impressed with its little plastic legs, especially since I'm going to use it as a computer monitor too. So, I went into the workshop and made a classy monitor stand out of walnut. It was easy to make and can be made with just a jigsaw and drill. It has adjustable height and it can tilt side to side. (You could go even further with this and make it tilt backwards, but I didn't need to do that for my use.)

Check out my video and then follow this Instructable to make one yourself. Click here to get the FREE PDF templates for this project from my website.

Step 1: Make the Base

You will need a 6" x 10" piece of 3/4" lumber for the base. Attach the template with spray adhesive and cut it out. Drill three mounting holes that are slightly larger than your screws. I used 2" drywall screws and 1/8" holes were fine. I used a countersink bit on the bottom side of the holes to recess the screws so they don't scratch my desk.

Leave the paper template on the board and use a sharp blade to cut out the rectangle where the upright piece will be mounted. This will help with lining it up in the right place during assembly.

Step 2: Make the Upright Piece

You will need a 5" x 16" piece of 3/4" lumber for the upright piece. Attach the template and cut it out. Use a jig saw or scroll saw to cut the interior slot and power cord access hole. Make sure the bottom is cut straight so it will stand up straight on the base.

Note: If you want your monitor tilted back a little, you could cut the bottom of this piece at a very slight angle so it leans back at around 3-5 degrees. You might need to adjust this angle depending on the curvature of the back of your TV where the bracket is mounted. I included a picture of the final 3-degree angle that I used.

Step 3: Assemble the Upright and Base

The rectangle on the template shows where to mount the upright piece. Position the upright in place on the base and pre-drill holes for the screws. Screw the base to the upright piece.

Step 4: Make the Bracket

The Vizio V24F Smart TV has mounting holes that are 10cm apart on center. Attach the template to 3/4" lumber and cut it out. I used four metric M4 screws that were 16mm long to mount the TV. I did have to drill counter-bores to recess the screws so they would protrude about 1/4" on the back of the bracket to screw into the TV. I also added a 1/4" - 20 threaded insert in the center of the bracket for the knob in a later step. (Your TV may require different screws so check your TV mounting specs.)

Step 5: Make the Knob

Use the template to cut out a knob. Drill a hole in the center that is slightly smaller than a 1/4" - 20 bolt. Use epoxy and screw in the bolt so it sticks to the knob. Cut the bolt so there is about 1-1/2" of thread sticking out. (This is long enough to go through the upright and bracket without sticking out of the back.)

Step 6: Finish It Up!

Once you are sure everything fits properly, apply a finish of your choice. I used Deft Clear Wood Finish spray lacquer because it is easy to apply and it dries in about 30 minutes. Put a flat washer on the knob bolt. Insert the bolt through the slot on the upright piece. Screw the bracket onto the knob. Add some felt to the bottom of the stand to protect your desk.

Thanks for checking out my project and go make something classy for yourself!



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    15 Discussions

    Great video and ible :)

    For those with a different sized TV etc, you can CAREFULLY place the back on a scanner and scan it to find the exact location of the holes for mounting. Just be super careful as the plateen is made of glass.

    It is a two person job really as you do NOT want to balance one part of the TV on the glass as it will become a pressure point. Place it and hold it while someone else presses the scan button.

    Works for power bars as well when trying to find out where to place the screws for mounting :)

    Thanks for this ible :)

    1 reply

    what size base for a 37" monitor?

    You have produced a really nice looking stand making the monitor into a piece of the furniture. Funny today I made an instructable about taking a stock LCD monitor stand and converting it to a drill press. Great minds...

    1 reply

    8 months ago

    Nice idea. That gives me an idea for my setup. Thanks for your posted project. Thumbs Up!

    1 reply

    8 months ago

    really good looking monitor stand! Good job.

    1 reply

    Another great project! I'm putting this one on my list. Thanks for sharing

    1 reply

    I made a monitor stand out of PVC which I'm not completely satisfied with. This is exactly what I was looking for when I made mine. I will try this one after I can talk my other half into a scroll saw, which I REALLY need to complete this project.:>)

    1 reply

    Thanks! Glad you liked it. You could use a jigsaw but a scroll saw is a lot easier. ;)