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Introduction: DIY Smartphone "Super" Macro Lens

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You may have viewed may other instructable on a DIY Smartphone Macro Lens, if you haven't I really encourage you to check it out. For some of you who want a better detailed view of an object with more of a microscopic feel to get closer and really see the texture, quality, and deatil, then you should try this!

Step 1: Step 1: Harvesting Your Cheap Laser

I know most of your probably have one of does 2 in one laser that come with a laser and a light, but that won't work for this. You will need one of those cheap one's that are made for a pet...they usually cost $1. (I got mine at 99 cent only, the cheap one's usually have a dome shaped head so if you find one of those then it should be the right one. I took mine apart a while back and lost the parts while useing the laser components for another project, but I still have the shell hopefully you can get a hint of what it should look like)

Step 2: Step 2: Opening Up Your Laser

Before working on anything that contains a battery such as, a laser remove the batteries!!! Once you removed the back cap and batteries carefully remove the front cap of the laser. Once removed you may see a black cover holding in place the a lens, be careful not to scratch or damage the lens that is what you will need for the project. (If you want to reuse the laser then do not break the black cap, it may be hard to get off so you may want to use needle nose pliers or if you plan to harvest the insides of the laser for projects then you may have to break the cap)

Step 3: Step 3: Mounting Your Lens

Once you have your lens, then you have a few ways of mounting it, the most common way is the ole bobby pin and tape. There are other methods that can be used such as, sugru, tape, or cases. I recently discovered if you take one of those small foam letters for kids, then you can stretch out the letter "B" and you will have a snug area for your lens and another hole for your flash.


These pictures were taken by me I do not believe in stealing others photography for you project...All close ups were achieved by using my disposable camera macro lens hack except for the ones on this page which was used with this method....I was asked to take a picture of my lens mounted on my phone, but sadly I can't because, I use my phone for my instructables and the phone I will use to take a picture of it mounted on my phone is currently be used for another project and I will have it done in a few weeks...ALSO PLEASE COMMENT ON MY INSTRUCTABLES TELLING ME HOW I CAN APPROVE AND YOUR METHODS OF HOW YOU PUT A TWIST ON THAT INSTRUCTABLE I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO MAKE THERE THINGS UNIQUE FROM THE INSTRUCTABLE IF YOU CAN....ALSO DONT FORGET TO LIKE AND FOLLOW ME. ENJOY!



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Awesome Starfish. Where, how. We got gazillions of then in Puget Sound, not quite so small and pretty.

That is so cool! Thanks for improvising, I heard of people doing that, but I didn't want to destroy a perfectly good dvd player for a project.

Ask any computer tech you know for one, CD/DVD drives go bad get tossed out as trash.

Very nice sequel to your other lens. Once again, well done!

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That is really cool! And simple! I've always wanted to be able to do smartphone pics very detailed.

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Thanks! Its virtually free and with same quality as those $15 lens.

I did too for another instructable I made, but does not show as much detail.