DIY SnapIno ( Arduino Meets Snap Circuits ) + Scratch


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I have purchased Snap Circuits 4 years ago to my son, while I was playing with Arduino. Now we are starting to work with Scratch for Arduino and Arduino, but I found the SnapIno a great idea ... since it is far away to his birthday or Xmas, I decided to make my own SnapIno and some more snap circuits parts.

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Step 1: Building the Parts

I am sure this would be an option , but I have still not made my mind about purchasing a 3D printer, so I decided to use fabric to costume make my parts.

Using the original Snap with 3 buttons, conductive tread and snap buttons.

Pictures are self explanatory, right ?

Step 2: Testing

Step 3: Result

With Scratch for Arduino e made the LED blink , one after the other, similar to the project we did here

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