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Love Snickers? Try these, quick and easy :)

May contain traces of fibres or vitamins...

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Step 1: Ingredients

350 g crunchy peanut butter

200 g light syrup

100 g sugar

200 g caramelized milk (dulche de letche)

1 liter Rrice Crispies

300 g chocolate

salted peanuts

Step 2: Melting

Start by melting sugar, peanut butter and syrup in a big pot on a stove.

Stir it to avoid it burning to the bottom of the pot.

Take it off the heat before it boils and then add the Rice Crispies.

Cover a form that is roughly 20*30 cm wide with baking paper and put the mixture in it.

Flatten it out so it's evenly distributed in the form.

Step 3: Snickersify

Add a thin layer of caramelized milk on the snickers mixture.

Then add salted peanuts.

Step 4: Chocolate

Melt chocolate over water and when melted, pour it on the snickers.

Make sure that it's evenly covered.

Let the chocolate cool down before cutting the cake to snickers bites.


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    2 years ago

    They look delicious!


    2 years ago

    a liter of rice krispies. What is that like a box or something?

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago


    Liter or litre(seems to be diffrent in GB/USA).
    It is 4.22 american cups.