DIY Soft/Pin Board

Introduction: DIY Soft/Pin Board

Low on Dough, but you just have to buy a pin board either for your workspace or your kid's desk; here's a free(almost)...PIN BOARD . . I always felt that I needed some thing in front of my deskto help me LEARN CHEMISTRY. I made this project just because my desk had switchoards pooping out from the wall(as you can see) and I was not able to find a pin board with two gaping holes (obvioulsy) . Yes, first things first.

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MATERIALS (You will be shocked):-


2.Pin board-pins (some call it THUMB TACK, some push pins)

3. Thermocol / styrofoam

Step 2: Step 2:- Get Going

Cut out the required dimensions (on the basis of your desk/workplace) of the thermocol using a knife or a cutter. You could heat up the knife/cutter a little to facilitate easy cutting and minimal residue.

If your desk is in a confined place like in the picture, there is no need to stick or attach the themocol. The sides/walls of the confinement ( here the desk-walls ) gives enough support.

If you dont have any support (confinement), you could attach the thermocol to a hard board. If you want to hang it on the wall (which you would obvioosly want to; you could attach small square pieces of wood/plywood on the back of the hardboard and drill holes into them (like picture frames and wall clocks!)

You may feel that the thermocol may degrade or tear or break into pieces but that is not the case. I have been using this pin board for a few months and I have not faced any problem.

You could start pinning own your test schedule or whatever you want.

I have used arrows so that I could follow the FUNCTIONAL GROUPS. Using paper residue! You can figure that out quite easily.There is a lot of sope for customization and refinement.

Please be kind and suggest short comings in the description in the comments section as this is my first instructable.

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    5 years ago

    Good use of a material that might end up in the waste bin! If you covered it in fabric it would look very nice but that is up to each builder. Thank you for putting your idea here.