DIY Solar LED Lamp Post Free Light Energy All Year Round and Looks Amazingly Cool Backyard Garden




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How to make a solar lamp post that will light up your backyard all year round! Sipski.



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2 years ago

Great job.. Great idea.. Specially when you can find these so cheap :)

I'll be making one for sure.


3 years ago on Introduction

Its amazing for summer season.this technique is very unique and helpful in summer can use renewable energy and long lasting LED lights in a lamp head with
an antique gas-light design to adorn your front yard, drive way or back
yard. These attractive solar lamps are made of beveled tilted glass
with a cast aluminum post and casing. The LED lights brightness is
increased by the patented reflective cone. One days charge should power
almost 3 nights worth of light. The light automatically comes on at
dusk and turns off at dawn.


4 years ago on Introduction

Thank you for the Instructable! I am going to have to try this project out for the summer time! I made some already similar to these in the past, but I hacked some of the solar Malibu lights, ran the wires through the bottom of the lamp posts, and placed the Solar panels somewhere else to be out of sight of the lamp post itself. I for the wires I used telephone cables and they worked great as well. I like your idea better, seems like it would be less work than what I did.