DIY Solar Lamp With Help of Mother Nature & CABOT WoodCare Products




Introduction: DIY Solar Lamp With Help of Mother Nature & CABOT WoodCare Products

About: I like making something from nothing so I don't through away items until I know for sure it has out lived it's usefulness. So you might want to Follow Me to see how nothing can become something Useful.

Here is another Solar Light project I made from found and recycled items. My motto is that I don't through away items until I know for sure it has out lived it's usefulness.This project idea came about when I found this weathered tree sapling that a honey suckle vine had helped shape it's unusual form. I have several deer antlers that I wanted to incorporate it with the unusual stick but still hadn't decided on what I was going to be. When I got careless with the weed eater and damaged another one of my solar garden light I knew then my unusual stick was going to be a Solar Lamp. The glass shade I rescued from the trash, the base was from a piece of old wooden fence.

Had a very good surprise at the end when I used CABOT MARINE VARNISH it brought out and enhanced all the wood's unusual turns and grain.

You might want to see more of my projects where I used the CABOT MARINE VARNISH, see how it brings out the wood's grain and protects it from the elements.

Oops I just noticed something? I was in such a hurry in taking a photo of my Lamp I forgot to permanently attach the Solar Cap after I finished varnishing, It is on there now.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials Needed

Tools Needed:
Drill & Drill Bit
Razor Blade
Hot Glue Gun

Materials Needed:
Wooden stick that Mother Nature has made
Wooden Base

Glass Shade

Depending on the size of Shade 1 to 3 Used or New Solar garden light Caps.
If you use old solar caps the cells may have oxidized you might want to restore the solar cells. Here is how I restored my old solar cells.

3" & 1 " screw 1 washer

Plexiglas depends on size of glass shade

I choose deer antlers for my finial decorative touches to my lamp you may have a different idea for your solar lamp

Step 2: Wood Preparation

Carve away loose or all bark to your satisfaction then sand.
Cut the both ends of the stick to desired height for lamp.

Cut the length of the base to your satisfaction, I used the shade to trace on the ends for a rounded look, then cut it out with a jig saw. Light sanding

Attaching Stick to Base:
Mark the center of the base then drill a pilot hole for the 3" screw, the same for the stick.
Then attach the base to the stick.

Step 3: Attaching Shade to Stick

Trace around glass shade on the Plexiglas then remove the shade and mark another smaller circle for your guide when cutting Plexiglas.
I Found out you will not be successful cutting the Plexiglas using a cheap 30 year old jig saw with a dull blade. I figured out another way to cut out a circle, the edges will be rough but thats OK.

With a razor blade make a score on the small circle. Then make a straight score mark starting from the small circle to outer edge, do this several times close together.

The plexiglas should brake away when using the pliers. Place pliers up the score mark you made with razor then apply gentle downward pressure until the plexiglas brakes away.. Like I said the edges are rough but you will have a circle. Place the plexiglas inside the shade it needs to rest at least half way down.

Find and mark the center of the plexiglas and stick. Then drill a pilot hole for the 1" screw. Then place the plexiglass on top of stick then screw in the 1" screw with washer into the stick.

Place the glass shade on to the plexiglas then place a level on top of shade to be leveled. Once the shade has been leveled use  hot glue gun to attach the glass shade to the plexiglas.

Hot Glue the Solar Light cap at the top of the Glass Shade.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

If you want to put a sealant on the wood do so before attaching deer antlers. I put a sealant on mine to help protect my lamp from the elements. I have had very good luck with CABOT  MARINE WOOD CARE Products on all our out door furniture and I won't use anything else.

Last attach the deer antlers to desired position then hot glue them in place.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    That lamp looks wicked - I think the twisted wood through the center adds a nice touch.