DIY Solar Panel Tilting / Adjustable Canopy a Frame Easy Build Instructions / Complete Guide

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This Video is a Walk-through Complete Guide / instructions on how to build Your own adjustable angle / tilting solar panel canopy A frame to provide shade and shelter from the elements. My design will suit most flat roofs and could easily be adapted to a stand alone version for ground sited panels.
A tilting frame enables maximum solar energy capture throughout winter and summer months. The frame is fitted to a flat roof and also provides rainwater harvesting through attached guttering. We recently went through severe storms in South Devon, UK with winds over 90 miles per hour. The solar panels were not affected despite being angled at the winter sunlight level. The design of the frame has shielded our conservatory roof making it cooler in the summer months which was an added bonus. Also the canopy has removed a lot of glare making it a much more pleasant environment. The canopy also enables us to grow tomatoes for an extra month because it shields our window box from heavy rainfall.
We can now leave the door open and not worry about rain coming in. We are very pleased with the outcome and can see a definite increases in solar generation with the panels raised in the winter months. Be sure to check out my rainwater harvesting system video



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    2 years ago

    Thanks for your comment,

    I agree, and think six panels is the maximum in a single frame. I can tilt this frame with ease by raising each side alternatively. That said, if several people were able to help, the run of panels could be longer. Have you thought about erecting a car port made from solar panels?


    2 years ago

    Thank you for taking the time to film this Andrew, very informative. We're in process of doing a 4kw off grid system at our geodescic dome house up 2 hours north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada... and looking at adjustable options for ground mounts, and to clear 3 feet of snow in winter! I can see how this can be transferred to a ground mount system, however we'll have 16 panels to contend with, maybe 4 x 4 systems, instead of one long one, would be too hard to lift up and down.