DIY Solar Powered Phone Charger Under 5$





Introduction: DIY Solar Powered Phone Charger Under 5$

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Hello Readers in this instructable i made solar powered phone charger under 5$ which is very easy to make this takes only 4 simple steps which you will come to know soon! Please don't forget to share this instructable with your family and friends

Step 1: Hate Reading Then This Video Is for You

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Step 2: Gather These

  • Solar Panel
  • IC 7805
  • Charging pin

Step 3: Phase 1

  • Solder positive side of solar panel to IC as shown in picture
  • Negative of both charging pin and solar panel is soldered to middle part of IC
  • Positive of Charging pin soldered to remaining pin of IC

Step 4: Finishing

  • Cover the back side of panel with everything in place
  • Go Outside and Test Your Hard Work!!

Thank You



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    15 Discussions

    it will jst give 120 mill amp hr so it cant be good for phones

    How can I make this work on an iPhone X? Is the current to low? i'm getting 5V from the charging cable on my multimeter but doesn't initiate the charge process on my phone

    Is there a way that you know of to put a battery pack on to store the charge

    Where did you find the solar panel?


    7 months ago

    how long you get a full charge? do you really get a charge with this panel or it's jus for fun?

    1 reply

    Anybody can answer me? is it viable?

    Can you suggest a solar panel that is optimal for this project?

    1 reply

    I've read elsewhere that when a solar panel is in shade the effect is reversed and actually can draw power from the battery. is this the case here or does the IC7805 stop this?

    2 replies

    Since he dident really answer the question I will try to. A phone I did a similar solar charging project with dident experience any drop. If your worried about it just put a diode in so no reverse current flow can occur.