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Introduction: DIY Sony Xperia Z Desktop Charger

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Sony Xperia Z is claimed to be waterproof. They seal every port that it has with plastic-and-rubber covers and leave only two pogo pins for easy desktop charging.

How often do you charge your phone? Internet geeks like me will need it charged daily. What is crossing my mind is : If I open the charging port cover daily, I might break it one day. So, better use the open pogo pins for charging.

The original DK-26 was about $30 and I think now it has down to about $16. The cheaper version L36h is around $9.

Now let's make one out of junk. It costs you some solder tin and your energy :D

Step 1: Bill of Materials

* Two pieces of PC Drive Covers.
* One USB cable from old broken mouse or any other.
* Two pieces of copper as connectors to pogo pins. I use the connectors in old extension socket plug.
* A small piece of broken plastic ruler and three small screws.
* A thin foam to comfort your Z when laying in :-)
* Pencil.
* Ruler.
* Cutter.
* Scissors.
* Soldering iron and tin.
* Plastic glue.

Step 2: Cut Out Top Deck

Xperia Z height has a measure of 138mm and 8mm in thickness. Then we cut out a slightly bigger hole on the PC drive cover. I make it 140mm x 10mm. That is the top deck. This cutting takes the most effort in the making and please do it safely and patiently. Do not cut your hand.

Step 3: Lower Deck

For the lower deck we have to measure from the left where your pogo pins be when laying in. Well, the pogo pins have 3mm wide on the phone. The holes we are going to drill are where the connectors will come out. So you need to make sure the connectors will touch the pogo pins. Drill a small hole with PCB hand drill for each pogo pin, so here we drill two holes.

I am lack of photos because this was my last year project. I am currently using it but I'm not going to disassamble it no more. Instead, I will make another one when I have spare PC drive covers :)
Here I provide some illustration pictures for the connectors using a piece of paper.

As you can see, the bottom part is quite messy. Those silver connectors are difficult to solder, so I changed them to copper ones. They are shaped with scissors, bent up through the holes we drilled.
At first I want to just glue them with hot glue gun, but then crossed in my mind that it will get hot when charging and hot glue will melt. Then I use a broken plastic ruler (or any hard plastic) and some screws to hold the connectors in place.

My thumb acts as the broken plastic ruler holding the connectors in place. The blue plastic acts as the top of Lower Deck where we drill the holes. The connector shows up a little and will spring down when the phone is on top of it.

Now it is time to solder usb cable to the connectors. If you use mouse cable, red wire goes to left connector, while black wire goes to the right. We don't use the green and white cables. When you hold your Xperia Z portrait, upper pogo pin is possitive (red cable) and the lower one is ground (black cable).
Remember that this is for Xperia Z, for other phones you have to search the polarity of its pogo pins.

Cut out a small hole on the left for the usb cable to go through. Then glue it with hot glue.
Cover the bottom with thick foam or any cardboard to prevent electocuted when you touch those wires or connectors together.

Step 4: Double Decker

Put a thin foam on top of lower deck, but do not covers the conectors. That is to prevent/reduce scratches on your phone.

Glue the bottom of Top Deck and stick it on top of Lower Deck as you can see in the photo.

Step 5: Finishing

You can use any travel charger's adaptor, but I recommend you to use the original adaptor of your travel charger.

Now you don't have to open the usb port cover for charging.

Step 6: Mod It Further

The desktop charger has done its charging job well. But if you want to browse your phone while charging, you will find it difficult to access the back, home, and recent keys. So let's mod it a little.

Cut the top deck as you can see in the picture. It is about 15mm from the left and the right of the top deck, or you can adjust it as long as you can access the navigation keys with your finger.
Stick it on top of lower deck so that it covers the thin foam and the connector pins when we put the phone in.

That is it. Happy to save some bucks on desktop charger and fun to build it by myself :-)

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Thanks for the idea ...My phone lost it's charging broke off in the charging cable......i tried to make one with a plastic pencil box...unfortunately the battery got totally discharged by the time my "dock" was functional and it doesn't show the charging light....but I've left it in the dock for a bit...lets see if that works.

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Firstly, make sure you get the right polarity (positive on the left side and negative on the right side while on landscape mode with power button on top).

Secondly, make sure the pins on dock touch the pins on your phone. Charging indicator led should be on by default. If it is not, try to search on your phone settings.

Lastly, make sure your power adapter is rated 1 amp at least. otherwise it will discharge faster than recharge with the screen on or daydream feature on.

Good luck. I'm still using this charger daily and the charging time is normal just like the usb charging port :)

Tks chienline...yes I did make sure of the polarity ...but the problem appears to be that the phone got totally discharged (which is supposed to be a bad thing for Sony phones as per several forums on the internet)...till yesterday if i simply touched the pogo pins with the wires it showed me an amber charging light but today when i finally assembled the dock there was nothing.I'm using the original charger that came with the phone and i'm checking that there is a charge output by connecting a small toy motor I have ...the motor runs when i touch the terminals with the wires.I've simply left the phone in contact with the pins now in the dock and hope that it'll show some sign of life soon .I get the red flashing light when i touch the power button which indicates that it is completely discharged.

Here I want to show you that the pin on the deck (red) might not touch the pin on our phone (blue) when it lays back a little. Then you can redesign the pins on your deck, raise them up more and make springy effect as on Step #3. If you don't have the springy effect on your pins, you have to make sure both pins touch the phone's pins. See picture number two. I built that in a hurry and needed patches here and there. I put a piece of plastic for the phone to lay back so it doesn't lay too much to the back. Then I put some hot glue on the right side so that the pins have the same height level, otherwise the right side of the phone will go lower a little bit and the left most pin doesn't touch the phone's pin.

Hope you can sorted out your problem. I still wondering how you break the usb port on your phone :D


Thanks again for your reply and suggestions. did I break the port ;-)'s my wife's phone ...maybe that explains it ? :-D .

I'll post pics of how I made my "dock"...i tried to make it a temporary one till I had perfected the technique ...will post pics tomorrow. Your's is super sophisticated in comparison ;-D. For some reason the pins seem to be discharging the phone instead of charging it...maybe I made a mistake somewhere...also I was a bit cheap and used the wires off a broken mouse...i should have probably just cut up a USB charging cable which is cheap anyway. But the good news is that I took the phone to a mobile repair shop today and they replaced the port for me (for around USD 9)....not too cheap but the job is done and the phone is charging.

So.. when you touch the wires to the pogo pins directly, the charging led shows that it is charging, then when your dock complete, it is discharging. If you are making the dock similar to mine, meaning the phone will laid back a little (the phone and dock forming less than 90 degrees seeing from the side). Then you have to make sure the pins do touch the phone's pogo pins because at that degrees, the phone's pins surely lifted a little and that is bad if your pins on the dock only come up very little :)


3 years ago

These things are so very expensive on the internet we saving a fortune..,lol


3 years ago

I made one like your works perfectly.. And works with my mobile charging bank (which imma!I ga solar charger for) and wall charger (Awesome, understatement)... I'm still going to try qi charging but it will be hidden under a cover leather book flipcase hopefully as easy to hide the pins! .... Thanks for giving me these ideas! I love evolving tech! ... Plus just some advice to stop anyone cooking the battery, I'd also like add hold the x z to your face looking at the screen the top exposed gold panel on the left is the + positive contact! I have an Xperia l external battery charging unit even that charges my phone cuisine the gold pannelscon left... As this unit would have a voltage regulator would I be best to add to this design. ..or is all that built into the Xperia Z? Again thanks so much I owe a drink..... ?

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Power regulator is in the wall plug adaptor. For safety you can use the original travel charger adaptor. If you are using any other source such as solar panel or Qi wireless, just make sure that the output voltage is 5V.

If you are using a flip book cover, simply stick the pins on the folding corner, so they are connected to the phone pogo pins only when you close the cover. Unless you want to use it (open the cover) while charging then you have to stick the pins to phone forever ?

These a a way but leather book cover needed I'm trying to show youa pic picture .,yes worked take a look .,no need to glu to pone just take cover off.... :

These a a way but leather book cover needed I'm trying to show youa pic picture .,yes worked take a look .,no need to glu to pone just take cover off.... :


3 years ago

Wonderfull work ... Plus im going to try using the side charging plates with a QI carging card ..has anyone already tried this if so will it work ...thanks for the idea man!

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Should be no problem with Qi charging. Only that we cannot hide it under the cover like samsung phone ? Or you want to make xperia desktop stand with Qi charger as the contacts to its side pogo pins? Otherwise you need a rubber band to keep the pins intact ? and you need to add extra solder to Qi contact pads, I guess they are wider and xperia side pins are narrow. Good luck with your Qi charger my friend ?

Sorry is som of my words make no sence i hare auto Have a good day and please reply. ?

Wow, this is a great idea! I love how your finished charger looks pretty sleek and professional. Nicely done!

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