DIY Speaker Bag

Introduction: DIY Speaker Bag

This is a bag, but not any bag. Its a speaker bag. This bag i've hooked speakers to so you can plug in a phone and play music.

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Step 1: Step 1, What You'll Need

1. A pencil and paper

2. Scissors

3. A small box

4. Some cardboard

5. A bag

6. 2 Speakers

7. Main speaker circuit board

8. 9V battery clip

9. Power cables (if needed/optional)

10. the correct power cord for you board, (in this case, 3mm power cord for me)

11. 9V battery

12. pliers

13. wire cutters

14. soldering iron (optional)

15. solder (optional)

16. exacto knife (optional)

Step 2: Step 2, Draw Two Circles

Draw two circles outlining the speakers of your choice, these will be cut out and stuck to the bag

Step 3: Step 3, Cut Out the Circles

Cut out the circles with either a pair of scissors or an exacto knife

Step 4: Step 4, Stick the Two Pieces of Paper to the Bag and Cut in X's

Stick the two pieces of paper to the bag (with sticky tape) where you want the speaker's located on the bag. My placing is at the bottom because the wiring would be more difficult to work with if needed to stick it to the top. Im resting my wiring on the bottom so I can put things in more easier. Cut the bag through the paper so you know where your cutting. In picture #7 the blue lines represent where you cut the bag. Don't Join The Lines Yet. And Don't Cut Past The Perimeter Of The Paper. After you have cut the lines you will take off the paper and sticky tape and join the blue lines to make one X for each speaker. E.g. picture #5 and #6/

Step 5: Step 5, Slide the Speakers Into the X's

First slide the wire through then the rest of the speaker. the speaker should fit perfectly and not fall out if the cutting out has been done properly. then observe the beauty of your product so far (:

Step 6: Step 5, Start the Wiring

make a hole in the side of the box and slide the two sets of speaker wires through the hole, put the speaker circuit in and plug the speakers into the circuit (or wire it what every you need to do in this case)

Step 7: Step 7, Cut the 3mm Wore From the Power Plug

Cut the wire close to the power plug shown in picture #1 and if needed split the two wires or strip the two wires from the casing and expose them to connect them to the 9V battery clip. If you don't know how picture #5 & #6 shows you how. If your still confused you can follow this video:

Step 8: Step 8, Connect the Wires From the 9V Clip to the 3mm Power Cable

Strip the wires from the 9V clip and connect them by the two ways shown in the pictures. either by just twisting them together and taping or twisting then together then soldering them for extra toughness. then taping them

Step 9: Step 9, Put Everything Into the Box and Then Your Done

Place everything into the box for protection except for the aux-in connecter for your phone and the 9V battery incase it crushes anything, or strap the (v battery to the box with cable ties.

Step 10: Testing

This is my testing, just connecting a phone to it and play music

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This is a cool idea! Did you fasten the speakers to the bag in any way?


    Reply 3 years ago

    No unfortunately I didn't, because I don't yet have a hot glue gun or anything to fasten it with. I was going to use magnets and I thought that would be an improvement but I don't have them either. the bag does hold the speakers in firmly anyway so its not needed but can be an improvement


    3 years ago

    Thanks guys, remember to follow for more and so you don't miss out on anything



    3 years ago

    This is really cool! Nice job