DIY Sphero Cupcakes

Introduction: DIY Sphero Cupcakes

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Every robotic ball that loves to party needs sweets to refuel after a long night of gaming. To satisfy your Sphero's sweet-tooth, follow our step-by-step Instructable to create mini Sphero cupcakes.

Step 1: Supplies

In order to make cupcakes that resemble your robotic buddy and taste as good as bacon, we suggest gathering these supplies.

1. Pillsbury Funfetti Cake Mix
2. Mini Cupcake Baking Pan
3. Wilton's Ready-to-Use White Rolled Fondant 24 oz. Package
4. Betty Crocker Decorating Cupcake Icing in Cloud White
5. Blue Icing Writer

Optional: Ketchup cups and miniature circle cutters.

Step 2: Baking the Batter

As most of you know, the essential part of a cupcake is the actual cake. One of our favorite batters that happens to be as fun as Sphero is Pillbury Funfetti. Follow the directions on the back of your Funfetti box for baking your mini cupcakes. You can use ketchup cups as liners or pour the batter directly into your pan. We found directly pouring the batter worked best. 

Step 3: Rolling the Fondant

While your cupcakes bake, cut out circles of fondant with your circle cutter or pull quarter sized pieces of fondant off with your fingers. Next, roll the fondant into balls.

Step 4: Decorating Your Cupcake

Once you have plenty of balls of fondant prepared and your cupcakes have finished baking, ice each of your cupcakes with your Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing. Make sure your Sphero or an image of Sphero is close by as a reference so you can add Sphero's face to each ball of fondant with your blue Icing Writer. Then, place each finished ball on top of your cupcakes. With all of your cupcakes complete, your Sphero can admire his image while he chows down. Game on!  

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