DIY Spirit Stoves Camping From Coke Tin Can





Introduction: DIY Spirit Stoves Camping From Coke Tin Can

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On your camping trip, everything should
be as neat as possible. So why don't you try this DIY Spirit Stoves Camping From Coke Tin Can. You almost bring no material with for this DIY spirit stove since all you need is 2 empty coke / beer tin can that you've just drunk.

Step 1:

Cut 2 coke tin can into 2 bottom parts
as the first pic. Make holes in 1 of them like the 2nd pic. Then stick them tide together, you can you a small tin piece to do this easier. In case you want to cook with a grill fire in a long time, put some cotton wool inside before sticking these 2 parts.

Step 2:

Release the screw, slowly pour some
spirit in. After that, fix the screw back, this screw will drive the fire to spread out steadily.

Notice to put your DIY spirit stoves camping from coke tin can on a heatproof surface before setting it on fire.

Step 3:

And this is the fire from your DIY Spirit Stoves Camping From Coke / Beer Tin Can, an awesome ideas for your camping trip huh :)



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    A little trick i learned (the hard way) if you have troubles with the assembly (Putting both caps together):

    - Before punching holes in one cap, add a few drops of water in it

    - Now press this half over a FULL and still CLOSED can of the same type --> This whidens this cap.

    - Hold the can in a way that the cap is at the bottom and heat it with a ligter.

    - The water vaporises and pops off the cap from the can

    You now have a whidened cap which slides very easy into a un-whidened cap. :)

    How long does this last? What is used to poke the holes? How far apart are the holes? Can you just put the pan right on the can? How is the pan in picture one setting there? Being held? What is Spirit? Where do I find it? Looks cool.

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    - I put out the flame before it last itself, so I don't know how long does it last. But however at the time I put the flame out, it almost last for about 3 minutes.
    - Use a nail and a hammer to bore a small hole, then use the screw to make the it bigger.
    - I don't think we can put a pan right on, this prevent the flame spread steadily all over the pan's surface.

    - Just use 3 bricks to set the pan on ( You can also apply this to make an outdoor firewood-stove)

    - Spirit is some kind called 90o spirit I being soled in most drug store in Vietnam.


    No offence but this is like the billionth stove can Instructable on here. For the love of dog please stop.

    3 replies

    l so agree with that! But if you think there are so many, why did you view this instructable?

    This is a really nice instructable. Crank-girl you might not be a fan of can stoves but believe it or not there are differences between them and when trying to build one it is nice to see a variety of examples. If it's not for you then you don't need to make a comment.

    Thanks @crank-girl, I've searched around and see many other same instruction here. But I do not copy this article from them. And I wondering if I could post a similarly instruction due to forum rules? - I just join Instructables for some days.

    Ok, I might have been a little harsh, apologies.

    Thanks a lot for this instruction!

    But i don't understand where the screw is tightened in the bottom part, or isn't it?...

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    It looks like it isn't. It is primarily there to block the fill hole, and the camp stove is held together simply by friction.

    Exactly @jahll30 (Thanks you), the screw make the fire in middle not to jet out to strong at one single point.