DIY Spring Pillows




About: Hey guys, I am a youtuber who enjoys nature and DIYs.

Here are two different, but cute pillows you could use to decorate your room/home or give as a gift for any holiday!! These pillows were super easy to make so if you want to see how keep reading.

Step 1: Monogram Pillow

The first pillow is a monogram pillow and for this I used a pre-made pillow and white fabric.

1. I cut out a the letter B from the fabric and glued (you could also sew) it to the pillow

2. I let it dry and then I was done!!

This pillow makes the perfect gift and it was so easy to make!!!

Step 2: Tie-Dye Pillow

For the tie-dye pillow,

1. Dye a pillow case any color you want with any pattern ( I chose teal )

2. Follow the dye instructions and then take a pre-made pillow or stuffing and put it inside your pillow and glue or sew the top closed.

3. Glue or sew pom-poms around the outside and your done!!

Hope you guys enjoy this DIY and if you recreate it tweet or instagram it to me @diybri88



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