DIY: Squirrel Deterring Bird Feeder

Introduction: DIY: Squirrel Deterring Bird Feeder

In this episode of "Some Assembly Required", Torben builds a squirrel proof bird feeder engineered to thwart a ground assault and make an aerial attack impossible.

3D instructions from Autodesk Publisher are available as well! find the video on to download!



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    5 Discussions

    121, how well with this work for Raccoons? Slinkey keep them off the pole? Thx, cowhead

    I am a little computer challenged and was looking to see if Torben or anyone else can send me a PC version of instructions for this bird feeder.

    I think it is brilliant and have some of supplies. Just lacking instructions and having difficulty downloading program to see instructions.

    Is there a 2D version of instructions someone can send me?

    Thanks so much.


    I'm going to give your idea a try, I'm tired of shooting the pellet gun at them and I can't be there all the time.


    Please add captions!

    A lot of not anglophone people can read and understand English, but don't understand spoken.

    very cool! love the video. cant wait to build my own!