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With a new Star Wars movie coming out this Christmas everybody including me who has an obsession about this saga are all over Star Wars Christmas decor. In this tutorial I'll show you how I made this BB8 droid Christmas tree ornament.

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Step 1: Tools and Materials.

For this build we gonna need:

  1. Transparent or clean white glass christmas ornament.
  2. White acrylic paint (if you use a transparent ornament)
  3. Smaller size white plastic ornament
  4. Printable sticker paper
  5. Xacto knife
  6. Scissors
  7. Sharpie (black and orange)

Step 2: Making a Body of the BB8 Droid

I started with a blank, transparent ornament, and to make it white I poured some acrylic paint inside. Don't need to fill the whole ball with paint, just a little bit to cover the inside walls. You don't need to do this step if you already have a clean white ornament you can work with.

Step 3: Side Stickers

Go HERE and get a template to print side stickers for the droid. If you don't have a sticker paper you can print on a regular paper when glue it to the ornament. Make a cut from the edge to the middle of the sticker, it will help to wrap it around the side of the ball.

Step 4: Making the Head Part.

I made the head of the droid from a white plastic ornament.

Cut the top.

Sand the edges.

Paint it with sharpie.

Step 5: Connect Two Parts Together

Push a string or a ribbon thought a hole at the top of the head part and tight it up at the loop of the first ornament.

Step 6: And Here It Is! Your BB8 Droid Ornament Is Ready.

It will give your christmas tree extra points of Force this year =)

Step 7: Enjoy

If you like this tutorial, check out my YouTube channel for more videos like this

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    BB8! that is amazing!