DIY Star Wars- the Walking Dead




Introduction: DIY Star Wars- the Walking Dead

How to make your own Star Wars Zombie Apocalypse.

You heard me.

Zombie Apocalypse.

In this Instructable I will show you how to make a Diorama out of old Star Wars action figures. I am an avid Star Wars fan, and as a kid I collected many of the action figures. This idea came to me on a dreary, rainy Sunday morning when I had nothing to do. I was making this project as a way to get rid of already broken Star Wars figures on a low budget. Hopefully I will win the Glue Contest, so please vote for me after reading or making my project.

I must warn you, this Instructable may be a little Gory for some viewers.

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Step 1: Gather Materials

1. Star Wars Action Figures. Again, I had a million in my basement so if you need to buy some at the store they are relatively cheap. You could also use Lego minifigures, but I wanted a more realistic effect. (I mean if you can call Zombies realistic...) Aright! Moving on...

2. Wire Cutters, Craft Knife, Sharp object that I shouldn't be using on my carpet, etc. pretty much anything that can be used to cut the limbs off of a plastic Action Figure...

3. Red Sharpie or permanent marker to make blood. (You could also use paint, but I was going for a low- budget project here.)

4. Hot Glue. My Savior. I have used this Glue a Bajillion times,(with the burns to prove it), and I love how quickly it dries.

5. Cardboard. Box, Sheet, anything. Mine I left flat, but you could also make a terrain from it.

Step 2: Cut Appropriate Limbs


I should really change this title.

Anyway, use your wire cutters or sharp object(s) to cut one or two limbs or heads off. Be random, if they all look the same it will not give the diorama the same "Apocalyptic" affect.

A strategy for this would be to start out by just popping the limbs off. Most come off, but some are hinged or fixed. use your wire cutter for these. Clean up what is left and make it look like a wound.

*You will need these later as props for the ground. Keep them in a pile or plastic bag.

Step 3: Add the BLOOD!!!

I...Wow. The titles here are just so... Never Mind.

Use your Sharpie or Permanent marker to add the appropriate gore to the body. Remember, your zombie has been moving around a lot and eating brains, so the blood would be splattered.Also factor in that Droids don't bleed, some species bleed Green blood, There are bones etc. (How do I know all this???)

Step 4: Position and Glue the Bodies Down


Pretty Self- Explanatory. Fire up the ol' hot glue gun, put a new stick in, and glue the bodies to the cardboard. Make sure that you like where you position them, you won't have a second chance. For mine, R2D2 and C3PO were the survivors, and a wave of Zombies are coming at them.

Step 5: Add Blood on the Ground

Use your marker to add appropriate drags, scrapes, pools, drips, etc. Be artistic and random. Use your Imagination. I think that next time I would use paint or red nail polish, to make it look more like blood and less like marker.

Step 6: Add Other Props to the Ground

Add the cut off arms, legs, heads, helmets, guns, and other props. I had some old, scratchy cloth in my basement that I colored and glued to the ground. Again, be imaginative. This is a Zombie Apocalypse after all, look up pictures of your favorite zombie TV show if you need help.

Step 7: Enjoy!

Use your new diorama at Halloween parties, Birthday Parties, Star Wars extravagangaas, etc.

I hope you liked my 'Ible and please Comment, Subscribe, Vote for me in the Glue Contest, Make, Eat, Sleep, Whatever.

See You Soon!

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ground up
ground up

5 years ago

It looks great but a tear rolled down my cheek watching yoda being decapitated I think if you do it again you should use a wood base that you spray painted green so it didn't look like cardboard.great idea . This is a little of topic but I noticed you haven't followed anyone or favorited anyone's bile. Just a tip but if someone follows you follow them and follow other people so that they might follow you that way when you post a new instructible more people will see it and you'll get more votes. It also makes people really happy when you follow them and thus more likely to vote for you.

ground up
ground up

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Oops I ment ible not bile:)


5 years ago

Somewhere out there, a die hard Star Wars collector is ripping his hair out over this