DIY Starry Lights

Introduction: DIY Starry Lights

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Hi friends I'm back with an new project idea. So without wasting the time lets move on.
Okay today we are going build starry lights totally using our household materials. Don't worry the materials are very easy to get and available to all in their households.
(This is an just DEMO instructable I'll be posting an other one when i completely document my project.)

But keep the parts you'll need to have to build this. Here is the list of those

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Step 1: Materials You'll Need

1. Lots of regular NEWSPAPERS
2. Fairy lights (used for decorating)
3. Wood glue (I recommend FEVICOL if you're in india)
4. Spray paints
5. Clothes clips
6. Tooth picks
7. And this one is an very important thing that you must have lots and lots of patience.

So, keep the things ready and I'll see you soon.

Step 2: I'll Be Back Soon

Be ready for the glory of lights
ADVANCE HAPPY DIWALI (the festival of lights)

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