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Introduction: DIY Starwars Shoes

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I think the video would be easier to fallow but I will give it my best shot and explaining it with the photos if you don't want to watch it! Haha. This was a fun thing to do. what do you think? ALSO please help support me by subscribing to my youtube page! AND feel free to give me ideas. I TRY to do them all.. I sometimes forget. Just keep asking me. Haha.

Step 1: What You Need

-Shoes (obviously! Haha I used old crusty shoes because I felt like it. New shoes would be better.)

-PAINT (I used regular acrylic paint and it has been holding up just fine. HOWEVER I could have used fabric paint and it would have been the proper way of doing it. They sell paint for all different fabrics and if you want it to last AS LONG as possible then you would want to get paint specific products. I used old shoes so I didn't care as much.)

-Paint brushes (How would you paint without them?)

-Pencil (optional really, I love to outline stuff.)

Step 2: Map It Out

I used my pencil to to outline where I wanted BB8 to go because I didn't want any other paint to be placed where he was going because it would make it hard to cover up the other colors.

Step 3: SPACE!

I wanted a space background and this is how I do space looks. I used a dark/bright blue first and place it down. It's ok if it's patchy that's okay! I then grabbed a teal color and randomly placed it around. I also decided to add JUST a little purple (My favorite color).

Step 4: Stars

I took a little brush and some white paint and dotted some stars around. I like to add a few clusters here and there to make it look less purposelessly placed.

Step 5: BB8

So I stated BB8 by added a white base where he is. Easy enough right?

Step 6: Gray Details

So I took some gray paint on a detail brush to start adding detail lines. I also added some shadows under the head. I even added the 'eye' I guess you would say. But I stopped with him for a second because I need him to dry a little more.

Step 7: Sides of Shoes

So on the sides of the shoes I decided to add more space. I did it the same steps as I did on the top of the shoe. Using dark/bright blue, teal, and purple paint. Then added stars with white paint. It's really fun and easy in my opinion.

Step 8: Seam of Shoe

So I decided to add a purple line around the top of the shoe. Mainly because my shoe is so dirty. Haha. I think it looks good.

Step 9: More BB8

So used black and orange paint to keep adding more details into bb8, best thing to do it look at a reference photo.

Step 10: Back of One Shoe

on the back of this shoe I put the rebel symbol with black paint. I kinda wish I didn't it looks silly. Haha. What do you think?


So I outlined where I wanted K2S0 to go, I decided to put him because he's my favorite character. (I know unpopular opinion)

Step 12: More Space

I added more space using the same steps as before

Step 13: K2S0

I used gray paint to color him in.

Step 14: Details

Then I used black to add detailed lines and shadowing. I also used some orange on the arms and white to add highlights.


I did the same steps again to add more space, I also used the purple around the edges again.

Step 16: Back of Second Shoes

I decided to add lightsabers on the back of the second shoe. I liked this idea better. I used blue and red to make the light part, then I used white to highlight. I used black and white for the bottom.

Step 17: DONE

And they are done!

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    6 Discussions

    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    These are so cute! Such an awesome painting job :)


    2 years ago on Introduction

    Aswome work man but definetly people have to had some mad painting skills for this


    Reply 2 years ago

    lol, well thank you! It was kinda hard. Mainly because of how small they are.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Yes and you have done an exellent work. I will give a try in one pair of old shoes. Hope will be 50% as good as you :)


    2 years ago on Step 10

    Nice, I like these a lot.
    In the past I have painted sneakers myself and I just bought a 'new' (second hand) pair of white slip ons for the summer which I intend to paint. I especially like the space background you have painted, maybe I'll gave it a try. The star wars theme is nice, but I guess I'm nog enough of a fan to copy that.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Haha, I like the space look a lot myself. I just got a pair of plain white shoes that I plan on just doing that space part on with no starwars characters.But thanks! I'm happy you like it too and I hope to see what you make!