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Here’s how I made this modern-style fire basket. Be sure to check out the video to see more of the process!

This whole project uses about 80 feet of 3/8” steel rod, which is usually less than a dollar a foot, making this a very affordable project.

If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me a message on here or on Instagram.

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Step 1: Cutting the Pieces for the Frame

I cut 12 total pieces of 3/8 steel rod to lengths of 20 inches. I then welded them into two 20” x 20” squares. I set the remaining 4 pieces aside to be used later for the sides of the cube.

Step 2: Making the Rings

I used a ring roller to make two concentric rings. The larger ring was about 18 inches in diameter and the smaller ring was about 12 inches in diameter. After they were the correct size, I welded them closed.

At this point I had two squares and two circles.

Step 3: Completing the Top and Bottom

I cut small pieces that were long enough to connect each corner of each square to the circles and welded them in place, ensuring that the circles were centered perfectly in the squares.

Step 4: Completing the Cube

I used some clamps and scrap wood to stand up the top and bottom pieces so that I could weld the sides of the cube in place with the remaining four 20” rods.

Step 5: Making the Basket

I used a piece of wood clamped to my workbench as a jig to bend all of the the basket pieces to the same angle. I also clapped down a file (seen on the right side of the first picture) to act as a sort of “stop block” to make sure that each piece was also being bent at the same exact point. I made 16 pieces total and welded them in place, connecting the smaller and larger circles to form a basket shape.

Step 6: Making the Ring for the Divider

I made another ring on the ring roller to fit inside the basket at the narrowest point. I used some clamps to hold it up and welded it in place.

Step 7: Making the Floor of the Divider

I cut a circle out of 16 gauge sheet metal that was the same size as the divider ring. I then used a belt sander to clean up the edges and smooth out the circle.

Step 8: Completing the Divider

Again, I used some clamps to hold the divider floor in place and welded it in.

Step 9: Fire Basket: Complete!

Obviously, this is not going to catch all of the ash from the fire, so you want to be sure to put it on something fire-safe. I just put mine on gravel.

Be sure to check out the video for more details of the process. Happy making!

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    11 Discussions


    10 days ago

    A great fire depends on 2 things. Airflow (this has that in excess) and 2 heat from coals... this is where this thing is lacking. Most of the heat you are going to get off a fire is the infrared radiant heat produced by the coals. This heat cooks the wood above it producing more charcoal which sustains the fire and allows it to grow. the foot print at the bottom isn't going to hold much in the way of a coal bed and the fire is always going to be small. Which in this case is going to be a good thing.

    Most urban and suburban areas require a few check items for fire pits.
    1) fire pits to be enclosed space to prevent the spread of the fire. burning wood is going to be falling out of this thing all the time... sure you have a rock base under it but I think you are going to find a lot of dead grass as stuff falls out.
    2) Spark Arrestor - non existent in this burn basket.


    Question 11 days ago on Step 5

    What’s the angle of the bands and how high up are they?


    12 days ago

    Very nice build. What brand/model is your ring roller? That is just what I am looking for.

    2 replies

    Reply 12 days ago

    I use a Lincoln Electric 140 MIG machine, however most of this project was done running flux-core through the machine because I didn't have any shielding gas.


    13 days ago

    This would be great for use while camping.


    13 days ago

    I saw something like this in the original Godzilla movie and have wanted one ever since. Thanks for the design. I wondered if the one in the movie had some kind of floor plate, like yours does. It's too hard to tell from the scene in the movie.


    13 days ago

    Unique design, I like it!