DIY Stenciled Welcome Mat




Today I'll show you how I made this cute custom welcome mat!

Step 1: Create Stencil

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out my lettering from card stock I picked up from the dollar store. You could also use an exact-o knife to cut the stencil if you don't have a die cut machine. I used masking tape to attach the stencil temporarily to my rug, including the cutout pieces from the "o" and the "h."

Step 2: Paint!

Using multi surface acrylic paint and a foam sponge brush, I dabbed paint all over the stencil, being careful to not let paint slip under the stencil. I touched up some places once I moved the stencil and tried to make an even coat on all of the lettering.

Step 3: Seal and Display!

I sprayed the rug with a clear coat to seal the paint and it's done! I think it came out so cute and I love the phrase. I'd love to see your recreation! #littlebitsoflacey

I also have a blog where I share even more DIY's.!

Thanks for looking! :)



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    2 years ago

    This is cute!