DIY - Storage Box With Cardboard

Hello my friends. Cardboard is an easy-to-find material and often available for free. Today I share with you how to make a storage box with cardboard.

Step 1: Tips

- We will have all 6 boxes. 4 small boxes, 1 medium box and 1 big box. We will create 4 small boxes first, then we'll create a largest box and finally create a medium box. By doing so you will not get the wrong size.

- We use adhesive tape to make the box stronger. We will fold the tape head to protect the cardboard.

- I made the box with the dimensions: 37.5 cm x 23.5 cm x 24.5 cm. It is quite close to the golden ratio, it will help our box look more balanced.

- We will let the adhesive tape out a bit on the small boxes, it's like the door knob of the box.

Step 2: Create 4 Small Boxes

Find cardboard around us. Cut cardboard with a paper cutter knife.

We'll cut 4 cardboard with the dimensions: 66.6 cm x 18.4 cm. As picture. You can create your box in a simpler way. There are many ways to create a box from cardboard.

Step 3: Create the Largest Box and Medium Box

We'll create the largest box with the dimensions: 121.7 cm x 42 cm. As picture.

- The largest box can hold 3 small boxes when placed on a flat surface. You can see this biggest box I created in a much simpler way.

- Remember to leave a space ahead.

- A medium box we do the same. This is a box twice the size of a small box.

Step 4: Finish

- We'll use a cover to divide the big box into 2 floors. We use adhesive tape to paste the cover plate.

- We'll be lining the bottom. You leave a bit of tape on each corner, which makes it easier to remove the liner.

This is our box after completion. Good luck. Thanks for reading.



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