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Introduction: DIY Strappy Bralette

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Here's how I made this super easy DIY adjustable strappy bralette! Perfect to wear under plunging tops, dresses, and by itself. Also works for bikini tops! Enjoy! :)

Full video:

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you'll need:

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Step 2: Measure & Cut Straps

Use the regular bra to measure out the correct length of the thick elastic you will need for the straps, then cut two equal pieces.

Step 3: Pin & Sew Straps

Pin the straps onto the front and back of the bandeau (I chose to make mine cross-backed, but you can pin the straps in any position you want)! Then, use your needle and thread to sew the elastic straps onto the bandeau.

Step 4: Measure Accent Elastic & Mark Spots

Put the bandeau on to determine where you want the skinny accent elastic pieces to go. Cut a shorter piece and use it to tie the middle of the bandeau together to create more of a bra look. Then, position another piece of skinny elastic above one of the sides of the bandeau so it creates a cut-out effect, and use the white colored pencil to mark the spot on the thick strap. Slip the elastic through that center elastic that you just tied and make sure it is even on both sides (see video for further explanation).

Step 5: Sew Accent Elastic Onto Straps

Once everything is marked and measured, take the bandeau off and sew the ends of the skinny elastic piece onto each strap at the places you marked with the white colored pencil.

Step 6: Measure & Tie Final Accent Elastic Piece

Put the bandeau on one more time and place the skinny elastic around your neck. Measure a piece that reaches down to the front center point of the bandeau, then cut the elastic. Take the bandeau off and tie the ends of the neck piece around the elastic that you previously tied to cinch the center of the bandeau (see video for further explanation).

Step 7: Add Ring to Elastic

Take your ring and slide it onto the center piece of elastic, then loop the elastic through to secure the ring in place.

Step 8: Rock It!

You're all done! Try the bandeau on and make sure all straps feel nice and secure. You can slide the ring up or down to create different looks and shapes. Thanks for checking out this tutorial! :)

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    2 years ago

    Amazing, I will definitely try this later


    3 years ago

    Nicely done!