About: Too Much to make too less time........sadly i am unable to make stuff.....as study's do not permit to.One thing is for sure..... i will be back with better Instructables. :D ...

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    Just had to ask since you have seen both of my instructables , what things do i need to improve or change in my instructables to make them better, your reply will help me to improve these & my future instructables.

    I think you've been doing a great job so far! Your instructables are very clear, you take lots of pictures and use the image notes well. One thing I'd suggest is to spend some time making your pictures look even better. Make sure to take photos in a well lit space, if you don't have a light nearby try to shoot near a window. Also bringing your photos into photo editing software and adjusting the white balance makes your pictures look a lot nicer with minimal effort. Check out this tutorial for more info:
    hope this helps, let me know if you have questions!

    Tkanks :)
    I'll will be giving additional attention to the images now on.
    Need to figure out a decent light setup, as most of the pic's are taken during night.
    Thank's again
    Have a nice day :D

    never let anything go waste :D
    currently on the build to make a air compressor from an old refrigerator & a lpg cylinder(finding the part's is becoming a pain lol)
    Have fun =)