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Once when I was at my cousins for lunch I heard the sound of a chain saw. I looked out and found that the neighbors were clearing up the garden! I told the gardeners there that if they would chop me some logs I would pay them for it ;-) They agreed and I got myself some logs!

This was my biggest log and I used it for hammering nails and stuff when I do my projects. However, this evening while doing another project, my glance kept falling towards this log and I just couldn't resist making a stump stool!

It's so easy! it took me just 15 minutes to complete :-)

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Step 1: Stump

Yes, you need a stump!

2" sponge. Mine is recycled. I salvaged it while my mom was re-cushioning! (yes, I'm a bit of a pack rat)

Water proof fabric as this is to be outdoors. I used Artificial Leather called Rexine.

Stapler or Tack nails and hammer


Step 2: Glue and Cut

First your log must be dry. If it's not, just leave it in the sun to dry.

Now apply glue and place your sponge on top. Cut sponge according to the shape of the log.

Step 3: Covering the Sponge

Now we need a water proof fabric to cover the sponge. I used artificial leather.

Place the leather over the sponge and cut round leaving a lot of room. Stapler one end by folding the fabric at the edge and stapling it. Now pull the fabric and stapler on the opposite side. Do like this right round. To cover the stapler pins you could either color it with a permanent maker (which I did) or you could glue a rope or braiding. I was quite happy how it looked so I left it as it is :-)

Step 4: Sit and Enjoy

Isn't it super easy??

It took just 15 minutes! It looks right at home in my roof top :-)

Please post pictures if you make some.

Also if you like this....Please pretty please vote for me :-) you would make me very happy!

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    5 years ago

    Cool! I am in the process of making log stools and a table to honor our sacrificed tree. The tree bark will fall off eventually, mine did, but the remaining texture is so smooth. I think I'll varnish.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    wow....that sounds like a huge and awesome project! I would love to see it :-) . Looking forward to an instructable or pictures :^)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you so much :-) waiting for it to ne accepted in 2 more contests! Looking forward to your votes !

    shazniMuhaiminah Faiz

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    You could easily make one....once you get your log :-) . Substitute with nails if you don't have a heavy duty stapler.

    Thanks! yes I did :-D. What's funny is that the gardners thought the vines were not so great and considered it a defect. I said ' No, that's perfect cause it has character!'