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Hi guys! At this video tutorial I will show you how I turned my headphones into a stylish piece of jewelry.

Check out the video first.

I prefer using earphones when talking on the phone but…does it happen to you, or is it just me, that every time I search in my purse, for my earphones, they are always tangled? At this DIY easy to follow step by step video tutorial we are making a stylish piece of jewelry out of our earphones, a trendy fashion accessory that will always keep our earphones in shape.

For this project the only things you will need are cord of your favourite colour, seed beads and your headphones! We are wrapping the cable of our earphones or headphones with square macramé knots and we are adding seed beads to jazz it up! Choose your colours and let’s get into it! Make sure you have a lot of cord; you don’t want to run out halfway down the cable.

You will need:

  • Your EarphonesSynthetic Nylon Cord – 1mm Diameter. Length of cord depends on the length of your earphone cables; you will need approximately 25 to 30 meters of cord.
  • Seed Beads. Test the hole of the bead to make sure that your cord can fit through
  • Tape
  • Lighter
  • Ruler
  • Scissors

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Step 1:

Secure your earphones’ cable on a surface using tape. Cut a piece of cord of 2 meters. Pass the cord below the cable, find the middle and make a simple knot.

Step 2:

Pass the left cord over the cable. Pass the right cord over the top of the left cord. Pass the right cord under the cable and through the loop formed by the left cord. Pull on both cords to tighten the knot. You have completed your first knot!

Step 3:

The next knot will be a mirror of the knot that you just created. Start by passing the right cord over the cable. Pass the left cord over the top of the right cord. Pass the left cord under the cable and through the loop formed by the right cord. Pull on both cords to tighten the knot. Repeat steps 2-3,

alternating between starting the knot with the left cord and with the right cord. If you lose track of which cord to start the next knot with, just look where you left off for a bump in the cord. Start the next knot with the side that has the bump on it. Continue tying alternating knots until you have reached 9 knots, and there you add a bead. If you don't want to add any beads, skip this step.

Step 4:

String a bead onto the left cord. Slide it up to your last knot. Tie the next knot below the bead, starting with the cord that you left off with. Pull the knot tight so it touches the bead.Continue to create alternating knots and adding beads alternatively, every 9 knots until you have reached the end of your earphones cable.

Step 5:

When you’re run out of cord, cut the tips of the cord off as short as 2mm and burn them with a lighter. Be careful we only want to burn the tips! Continue adding another piece of cord and follow the steps 1-4.

Step 6:

You're done! Click this link to watch the step by step video tutorial for the DIY

Headphones Wrap:

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    It looks so cute