DIY Subscribers Counter for Instagram, Instuctables (w/ Lcd)

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Hello! In this guide we will do instagram and instructables subscribers counter. Tutorial is remake of this one.

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Lets GO!

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Step 1: Components

Step 2: Wiring

Connect lcd to nodemcu

Step 3: Programming NodeMCU

Connect nodemcu to PC. install libraries (links in sketch).Install esp8266 package. Change lcd adress, ssid, password, account names in sketch. Upload it to nodemcu.

Step 4: Create Case

In my case its cardboard (i'm poor)


Congratulations. You did it.

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    2 Discussions


    Question 11 months ago

    Hi DaniilZ,
    Thank you for this project ! Just one question ...
    Impossible to get the LCD running ... nothing on the screen ... do you have an idea (I've test 2 different LCD and NodeMCU).
    Thanks in advance and have a great day.

    1 answer

    Answer 11 months ago

    Hey Frederic. I was working on this project two days ago and lately I probably discovered what would cause that when I burnt my screen with an external 12V adapter.

    There are two versions of those screens in terms of input voltage. The one I had was working perfectly with Arduino Uno but not with NodeMCU. There are two pins to provide voltage to peripherals: VIN which is 5V and 3.3V. I tried both but didn’t work out anyway. I purchased two different voltage versions today so I will let you know if this is the issue. Btw the VIN pin didn’t work because I was using a RasPi usb plug to power it.