DIY Summer Treat Crystals! - Watermelon, Popsicle, and Ice Cream



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Perfect for summertime room decor, learn how to make crystallized versions of some summertime treats: watermelon, a popsicle, and ice cream!

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Pipe Cleaners

Wire Cutters





Popsicle Sticks

Step 1: Watch Video!

Step 2: Use Dark Green, Light Green, and White Pipe Cleaners and Cut/shape Into a Curve

Step 3: Tie the Ends to a Pink Pipe Cleaner

Shape the pink pipe cleaner into a triangle and fill in the middle

Step 4: Sharpie in Some Seeds

Step 5: Combine Warm Water and Borax in a Container

Ratio: 1 cup water to 3 Tbs borax

Step 6: Tie Pipe Cleaner Project to a Pencil or Popsicle Stick With Thread and Place in Water/borax Mixture

Step 7: Let Soak for 10-12 Hours and You're Done!



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